A Friends inspired ‘double-decker’ pizza is on sale in Iceland – hurry, it’s a Joey special!

There's not one but TWO pizzas in every slice.
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  • Friends fans are in for the ultimate treat after Iceland announced it's selling Joey's special 'double-decker' pizza.

    A Friends inspired ‘double-decker’ pizza has gone on sale in Iceland and it’s a ‘Joey special’.

    The takeaway treat is the ultimate stay at home comfort food and the supermarket chain’s latest addition is a pure genius tribute to Joey Tribbiani from the hit US sitcom Friends and makes us want to have a change from McDonald’s new chicken nuggets.

    Inspired by the ‘Joey special’ in which actor Matt Le Blanc is known to love ordering two pizzas and eating them on top of each other because after all, Joey doesn’t share food!

    Iceland doubled the size of its ice cream last year selling new double size ice cream cones and now it’s doubling up on pizzas.

    Pizza-loving shoppers can currently choose from two topping options – the Double Decker Pepperoni Pizza and the Double Decker BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza – both costing £3 each.

    The pepperoni version features lashings of tomato and chilli sauce between the bases and the top is loaded with creamy mozzarella and mini pepperoni.

    Iceland double decker pizza pepperoniIceland BBQ chicken and bacon double decker pizza

    Meanwhile, the BBQ chicken version includes a sweet and tangy sauce between the two bases, as well as cheddar, red cheese, chicken breast and bacon pieces on top.

    Speaking of the new pizza range, Iceland said, “Fans of the hit TV show Friends can now channel their inner Tribbiani and gorge on the greatest thing to happen to Italian cuisine since… pizza.”

    And it looks like Iceland isn’t the only one to make the special. Bills Pizza Pub chain in America actually has a double-decker pizza on its menu. But with the nation in lockdown, it’s probably easier and safer to order one from your local Iceland store.

    The Iceland cheesy treat has not one but two thin and crispy bases – and it’s available to buy now in stores and online. You can find out your nearest Iceland by using its store finder tool here.


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