McDonald's launches game changing new chicken nuggets this month

McDonald's chicken nuggets
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McDonald's chicken nuggets are an iconic fast food treat, and there's a brand new flavour heading to stores at the end of December.

Chicken nuggets fans will need to try McDonald's latest offering, as it's a brand new product with a spicy kick. Sounds like the perfect winter warmer if you ask us!

Taking to social media, the fast food giant revealed they'll be selling Katsu chicken nuggets, which come with a sweet curry dip. So if you can't choose between Wagamama's or McDonald's - why not have both?

Their tweet simply read, 'Katsu. McNuggets. That’s it, that’s the tweet. #KatsuAtMcDonalds.'

But if you do need convincing further, McDonald's issued a bigger statement about their katsu nuggets and we're already drooling.

They said, "What happens when you take two modern icons in the shape of Katsu Curry and Chicken McNuggets, and bring them together for the first time? The new limited edition Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets are match made in heaven and everything you didn’t know you needed until this very moment.

"If you want to try them then you'll have to be quick, as they're around for just six weeks. 100% chicken breast meat in a crispy Katsu Curry panko breadcrumb coating, served with our classic Sweet Curry dip – need we say more?”

Fan's are also thrilled that McDonald's Monopoly will be making a welcome return next summer.

The new nuggets will be on sale from 30th December, and fans are already going wild for the new arrival. One wrote, 'STOP IT.. you really do listen and provide the GOODS'

Another added, 'guess i’m getting a mcdonald’s on the 30th'

And a third wrote, 'I will be eating only Katsu McNuggets for the forseeable future.'

Just like the original nuggets, the katsu edition will be available in six, nine and 20 piece sharebox options, depending on your appetite. But if you do want to try them you'll have to be quick as they won't be around for long!

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