B&M have launched a mint, mango and pineapple version of After Eights – and shoppers are divided

After Eights

After Eights are loved amongst chocoholics everywhere, but recently they’ve been experimenting with some rather unique flavours.

Recently, they brought out their divisive mint chocolate and orange flavour After Eights, which shoppers feared might ‘taste like toothpaste and orange juice’. And if you’ve ever brushed your teeth straight after drinking a glass of OJ, you’ll know exactly how bad that is!

However, some shoppers actually found out that they quite liked the interesting taste, proving that you shouldn’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it perhaps.

But now Nestlé have introduced another flavour onto our shelves, and this one hasn't convinced shoppers yet either.

The latest flavour is mint, mango and pineapple. Yes you read that correctly.

One shopper took to Instagram to share news of the interesting flavour, writing: ‘WHY though?!’

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Followers seemed to agree with her, with one saying: ‘Random!! Not confident that would work!!’

Another added: ‘That is so weird ...’

‘Absolutely not. Shut it down.’ Said a third.

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So there’s definitely some strong feelings about the new After Eights, which is understandable as the original flavour is loved by many.

But you'll be pleased to know regular mint chocolate isn't disappearing any time soon!

If you’re feeling brave enough to try the unique combo, they’re currently on sale at B&M for £1.99 for a 200g pack. You might be pleasantly surprised after all.

Thankfully if you prefer to play it safe with your chocolate flavours, B&M are also selling giant tins of Strawberry Delight sweets. They’re a bargain as well…

What do you think of After Eights with mint, mango and pineapple? Let us know on Facebook if you’re willing to give them a go!

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