Aldi has brought back its Bigger Daddy Rump Steak in time for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is upon us, and many of us will be planning some quality time with our dads. And if you’re planning on doing a homecooked meal, Aldi has the perfect option.

Aldi has brought back its Bigger Daddy Rump Steak, which is even bigger than the budget supermarket’s Big Daddy steak.

It weighs a whopping 794g and is just £7.99, so you don’t have to break the bank this Father’s Day.

The steak is matured for 21 days to lock in all the flavour, and is available in stores across the UK from today (18th June).

Aldi Bigger Daddy

That's a lot of steak! (Credit: Aldi)

According to Aldi it’s ‘one of the biggest steaks around’, so it’s the perfect treat for any dad who would appreciate a feast this Sunday.

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In addition to the Bigger Daddy Rump Steak, shoppers can pick up Aldi’s premium Wagyu steak range which is sure to add a touch of fine dining to your dinner table.

Aldi Bigger Daddy

Or you could pick up a Wagyu Rump Steak? (Credit: Aldi)

Wagyu beef is known for its distinctive marble, and Aldi is selling four different cuts of it starting from £5.99.

Shoppers can choose from Sirloin, Rump, Ribeye and Fillet cuts of Wagyu beef, depending on your favourite.

The Wagyu Rump Steak is the cheapest at £5.99, which is the ‘perfect option to give Dad a “well done” this Father’s Day’, according to Aldi.

Or you can choose the Wagyu Sirloin Steak for £6.49, which is a ‘prime lean cut of beef that is both tender and flavoursome’.

Next is the Wagyu Ribeye Steak for £6.99 which ‘promises taste and tenderness with every bite’. Sounds delicious!

Or if you want ‘exceptional quality’, why not try their Wagyu Fillet Steak. For £7.49, which is ‘perfectly tender’ with a ‘melt in the mouth texture’.

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