Aldi bring back sell out halloumi fries and burgers in time for BBQ season

Aldi halloumi burgers

With the weather heating up, many of us will be taking to our back gardens for BBQs. And Aldi have brought back two of their legendary products that are perfect for dining outdoors.

Aldi is selling their much-loved halloumi fries and halloumi burgers that are perfect for cheese lovers everywhere.

The fries were so popular when they came out back in 2018, that Aldi had to limit sales to two boxes per customer to cope with demand - so you better hurry!

Whether you are a vegetarian or you just fancy an alternative to your classic beef or chicken burger, Aldi’s halloumi BBQ treats are a must-have this season.

You could even have a meaty burger with a side order of halloumi fries, which sounds like the ultimate combo if you ask us.

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Aldi’s halloumi burgers are made with thick slices of cheese, coated in a golden battery. They recommend serving them with lettuce and some sweet chilli jam for a bit of a kick.

Better yet, you can buy their Specially Selected Halloumi Burgers for just £2.29 for a pack of two.

Aldi halloumi

Credit: Aldi

The Specially Selected Halloumi Fries are also £2.29, for a 190g box.

They’re ideal for dipping and can be served with mayo, ketchup, sweet chilli, BBQ sauce… the possibilities are endless really!

Or for an authentic taste, why not try pomegranate and yogurt on top of your fries?

They’ll be on sale in the frozen food aisle and they don’t seem to be limited edition, so hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on them throughout lockdown.

Aldi halloumi

Credit: Aldi

For more BBQ goodies, Morrisons had launched a £35 BBQ essentials box.

It’s got everything you need including burgers, cheese, side dishes and even desserts.

So whatever BBQ you want this summer, the supermarkets have got you covered!

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