Aldi is selling one of the world’s most expensive steaks for a fraction of the usual price

You better be quick if you want a cut! Price-slashing supermarket Aldi is bringing its Wagyu steak back into stores this week.

Last year meat-eaters went crazy when the luxury cut, inspired by Japanese Kobe Wagyu beef. Back then it was available for just £7.29, and although the price is slightly higher this year there's an extra treat in store (quite literally) for those who love a good steak.

While it’s still on offer at less than £8, there’s now also another cut to choose from.

Shoppers can buy either a sirloin or ribeye cut, so you can pick your sirloin if you prefer a leaner cut or the ribeye if you enjoy a fatty steak. And what’s more, both options are being sold for the bargain price of £7.99 for 227 grams, an absolute steal in the fine-dining world.

The prized cut of meat is one of most expensive in the world, coveted for its tender, melt-in-the-mouth texture and bold flavour that comes from the marbled fat in the steak.

Usually, if you want to get your hands on a cut of quality Wagyu you’re looking to spend a whole lot more than £7.99. In Japan their prices go up to a whopping £500 a kilo.

But the Aldi Specially Selected Wagyu Sirloin Steak and Specially Selected Wagyu Ribeye Steak comes with all the taste and less of the credit card debt. There is a catch though - the high-street favourite is selling the luxury steak as part of their Specialbuy range, which means once it’s gone it really is gone.

So if you want five-star dining in your house this evening you’ll have to rush down there to get your hands on a packet before it’s all gone.

Serve it up with mash, gravy and steamed greens for a weekend treat for the kids, or make a romantic meal out of it with thin-cut chips, grilled veggies and, if you’re feeling ambitious, a red wine sauce.

Dinner’s about to go up a notch!