This £2 gadget will make your coffee amazingly frothy

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This budget electric whisk is a complete game-changer when it comes to hot drinks.

For the coffee lovers (opens in new tab) among us who aren't fortunate enough to have an at-home machine, lockdown (opens in new tab) largely meant French press americanos and sad cups of gravelly instant.

And when restrictions started to ease and many of our favourite coffee shops (opens in new tab) reopened, we were still working from home (opens in new tab) and still without a coffee machine, confining our (albeit, expensive) caffeine habit to weekends.

Until we discovered the game-changing tool that upped our at-home coffee game tenfold.

Handheld electric whisk (opens in new tab)

Enter the handheld electric whisk, which costs just £1.99 on Amazon, and can be used for everything from frothing milk to beating eggs and mixing cocktails (opens in new tab).

The powerful little whisk is just £1.99. Credit: Amazon

SHOP NOW: DaoRier Milk Frother Kitchen Tool, £1.99, Amazon (opens in new tab)

The DaoRier Milk Frother Kitchen Tool requires two AA batteries – so no annoying charging cables liable to get lost – and is capable of whipping up a whole manner of beverages within just 15-20 seconds.

While many milk frothers can sounds like a drill going into concrete, the powerful little hand held whisk is low noise. It also has an anti-skid body function and an easy to grip handle, meaning your milk and your eggs aren't likely to end up splashed all over the kitchen walls.

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As well as coffees and hot chocolates, the whisk can be used for whipping cream, cake mix, cocktails, eggs – or egg whites, for the protein inclined – and even porridge (hint: it makes it go mouth-wateringly creamy).

And with over 220 reviews on Amazon, it would seem we're not the only ones in on the secret of the game-changing kitchen gadget.

'Works as well as other more expensive brands, strongly constructed, reasonably priced,' wrote one happy customer.

'Great little frother, good value for money and arrived in good time', wrote another.

Customers revealed their own unique uses for the handheld whisk, with one reviewer writing, 'Bought this just to make greek frappes and it totally makes them how I had them on holiday. hope the milk frother can keep up with me making frappes all the time.'

Another said it, 'Makes a froth for authentic cappuccinos.'

Others wrote that they used it for milkshakes, vegetable stock, gravy and matcha tea, among other things. Talk about versatility. And for less than two quid? Count us in.

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