The UK’s favourite cocktails have been revealed – and we're loving the top spot

uk favourite cocktails revealed
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With the UK now in its third month of lockdown, we’ve all been relying on foodie and boozy treats to get us through.

Of course the number of empty wine bottles in the recycling has definitely built up, but with more time to spend on trying out new recipes, a lot of us have taken our hand to cocktail-making.

Research by Scenic Cruises &Tours has revealed that global searches for cocktail recipes have jumped up by 640 per cent during lockdown, with people trying to spend their extra time working on their mixology skills.

The analysis also looked at Google data to figure out which cocktails have been the most searched for in each country.

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And the results that researchers found for the UK revealed what we’ve all been searching for in lockdown.

It seems that Brits’ top cocktail choice has been inspired by the nation’s early lockdown obsession with internet craze Dalgona coffee.

uk favourite cocktails revealed

Dalgona coffees were all the rage at the start of lockdown (Credit: Getty)

The Dalgona coffee, which sees coffee and sugar whisked with water to make a thick and creamy coffee paste that tops iced milk, has even spawned an alcoholic version with a rum twist.

So it’s no surprise that, according to the research, the UK’s favourite cocktail is the smooth and sweet Espresso Martini.

uk favourite cocktails revealed

The Espresso Martini topped the list for the UK's favourite cocktails (Credit: Getty)

And after sipping on Espresso Martinis it seems that Brits are trying to get into the holiday mood, as the joint second, third and fourth places are all tropical inspired drinks.

The tequila-filled Margarita that hails from holiday favourite Mexico closely followed the number one spot, with rum-based cocktails the Cuban Mojito and the Puerto Rican Piña Colada joining it in the rank.

uk favourite cocktails revealed

Brits are clearly missing holidays with their tropical-inspired cocktail searches (Credit: Getty)

And of course the sunny lockdown days we’ve been blessed with means that the refreshing Italian Aperol Spritz had to make the list.

What cocktails have you been making during lockdown? Scroll for inspiration…

UK’s top cocktails during lockdown

  1. Espresso Martini – 90,500 average monthly searches
  2. Margarita – 60,500 average monthly searches
  3. Mojito – 60,500 average monthly searches
  4. Pina Colada – 60,500 average monthly searches
  5. Aperol Spritz – 49,500 average monthly searches
  6. Mimosa – 49,500 average monthly searches
  7. Negroni – 49,500 average monthly searches
  8. Blood Mary – 40,500 average monthly searches
  9. Long Island Iced Tea – 40,500 average monthly searches
  10. Martini – 40,500 average monthly searches
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