Asda are selling gin-flavoured mince pies for Christmas for just £2 a box

Asda gin mince pie
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Arguably, the best part of the Christmas season is both the delicious treats and the alcoholic tipples that come with it.

And for those partial to the classically festive taste of a mince pie and a refreshing glass or two of gin and tonic, there’s some seriously great food news.

Supermarket giant Asda have launched a combination of both on their new Christmas menu, releasing Extra Special Sloe Gin Mince Pies as part of their scrumptious offerings.

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The luxurious booze-infused treats are described as being ‘generously filled with spiced vine fruit, a splash of French sloe gin, encased in an all-butter pastry and topped with a sweet sugar dusting.’ Sounds delicious!

The decadent Christmas tarts are available in boxes of six for the majorly affordable price of just £2- so you can seriously impress your party guests for loads less.

And if gin is your thing, you’ll be pleased to hear that the mince pies aren’t the only option in the Asda Christmas range to have the popular spirit added to it!

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Also set to be on sale is Extra Special Pink Gin Cream, a perfect way to add an alcoholic zing to any desert. Why not drench a gin flavoured mince pie with gin flavoured cream?

Meanwhile the Extra Special 'Gin'gerbread Roulade is the perfect choice for those catering for a party of sweet toothed, rich dessert craving, gin lovers.

The slow-baked meringue is filled with smooth gingerbread, spiced caramel sauce, light gingerbread, complete with more gin cream.

Credit: Asda

But if you prefer savoury foodie treats at Christmas, then get your hands on the Extra Special Gin Smoked Salmon with Lemon and Juniper Berries and team it with toast and scrambled eggs for a rather special take on Christmas morning breakfast.