Ben & Jerry's is launching a line of doggie dessert treats

Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream, one of their most popular flavours before the release of the dog treats
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Ben & Jerry's have launched tubs of dog ice cream treats, which look absolutely delicious. 

The doggie desserts are marked premium snacks that come in two different flavours - and we're sure your little pooch will absolutely love them! 

You'll recognise the retailer as the creator of the famous cookie dough, chocolate brownies and sell-out caramel chew chew ice cream. 


Credit: Ben & Jerry's
(Image credit: BEN & JERRY'S)

However, this is the first offering for furry friends. The ice cream comes in two flavours: Pontch's Mix, which is made of peanut butter and pretzels, and Rosie's Batch, which is filled with pumpkin and mini cookies. 

The individual ice cream tubs will cost £2.11 each, with multipacks priced at £3.52. The ice creams are currently only available in the US, so we'll let you know when they hit UK stores. 

To mark the exciting new launch, Ben & Jerry’s said, "Yip yip hooray! Just when you thought we only made flavour fantasies come true for people, we've unleashed something truly cool for pooches, too!"

If you're still not convinced, don't worry! Both flavour options are made with a sunflower base rather than dairy, making them safe for your pet. Although, their Doggie Desserts packaging is extremely similar to Ben & Jerry's human alternatives, so be careful not to mix them up! 


Credit: Ben & Jerry's
(Image credit: BEN&JERRY'S)

Lindsay Bumps, a Global Marketing Specialist at Ben & Jerry's and trained veterinary technician, added, "Inspired by our lovable muttley office crew of K9-to-5'ers, these just-for-dogs frozen treats are the most doggie-awesome desserts we ever packed in nifty mini-cups. 

“Whether you're rewarding good pups or cooling off a yardful of party animals, we think they're just about the finest, K9-est frozen treats you can fetch for your four-legged friends.” 

According to reports, Ben & Jerry's collaborated with a veterinary nutritionist to ensure that the treats are safe for dogs and easy to digest.  

So, nothing says "cosy night doggie night in" like some Ben & Jerry's developed doggie desserts, right? 

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