These Cadbury and Nestlé chocolate tubs have gotten smaller – but the prices are still the same


If you’re a chocoholic, we’ve got some bad news for you. Classic tubs such as Quality Street, Roses and Heroes have shrunk yet the prices are exactly the same.

In fact, the much-loved Christmas treats have decreased in size by 46 per cent over the past 11 years.

According to The Sun, in 2018 a standard tub of Nestlé’s Quality Street was 698g but it has since dropped to 650g. Cadbury’s Roses and Heroes have shrunk too, from 660g to 600g.


Credit: Cadbury

Cadbury have confirmed that they’ve reduced the recommended retail price (RRP) of these products, however, it’s up to stores to decide how much they want to charge.

This is known as ‘shrinkflation’, where stores charge the same price for a product that is now much smaller in weight.

Confirming the change, a spokesperson for Cadbury said: ‘We have reduced the RRP on the Roses and Heroes tubs from £8.59 to £8.09 to reflect the change in weight.


Credit: Cadbury

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‘However, as always, retailers are free to set their own prices’, Cadbury added.

Bigger versions of Quality Street will be available, beyond the 650g size. A spokesperson for Nestlé has said: ‘Quality Street is back for 2019 with a refreshed range for a new season and we will be introducing the full line-up next month.


Credit: Nestlé

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‘As ever, we have Quality Street available in lots of different formats, shapes and sizes this year including the 650g tub and much larger tins for those who want even more to share with friends and family.’

Nestlé explained: ‘Final prices are set by individual retailers but, as usual, Quality Street will be regularly on promotion in the run-up to Christmas.’

At least we should be able to grab some good chocolate deals closer to Christmas... fingers crossed!

Will you still be buying the Christmas treats despite the change in size? Let us know your thoughts!

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