34 discontinued chocolate bars that need to be brought back IMMEDIATELY

Here are the all-time best discontinued chocolate bars and treats that need to be brought back right now...

A collage of retro chocolate bars

These discontinued chocolate bars are sure to bring back the sweet smell of childhood. Which is your favourite?

From the bubbly honeycomb of a Crunchie to the caramel peanut fusion of delight that is a Snickers, everyone's got a favourite chocolate bar. But what happens when your best-loved treat gets discontinued? Some cry, some start angry Facebook campaigns - and some compile a furious article about it.

Whilst they may not have been the healthiest chocolate bars on the market, these tasty treats were a source of joy to many back in the day. So join us on a little trip down memory lane as we share some of the best discontinued chocolate bars we miss indulging in.

34 best discontinued chocolate bars

1. Mars Delight

mars delight chocolate bar

Credit: Amazon

Mars Delight, the lighter and fluffier sibling of the standard Mars bar, entered stores in 2004, but was sadly discontinued in 2008. However, fans are trying to rally up signatures with a petition to bring back the beloved treat.

'I've been craving a mars delight for about 5 years,' wrote someone on the petition, which has reached over 4,000 signatures. Sadly, a spokesperson for Mars has stated: 'It's nice to hear that there are still some fans of Mars Delight out there. We regularly review our product ranges and we will pass the feedback on to our Marketing team, but at the moment, we have no immediate plans to bring Mars Delight back.' We still have hope!

2. Mars' White Maltesers

retro chocolate white maltesers

Credit: Groupon

These little balls of malty white chocolate were loved by many. But clearly not enough, because Mars stopped selling them a few years ago. Since then, petitions have been launched on Change.org (with little success, unfortunately). Luckily for all those Malteser fans out there, it doesn't look like the classic version is going anywhere soon.

3. Quality Street Toffee Deluxe

the toffee quality street retro chocolate

Credit: Quality Street

We've got some seriously sad news for Quality Street fans, especially those who favour a Toffee Deluxe. After 80 years Nestle decided to swap the beloved Toffee Deluxe for a Honeycomb Crunch in the run up to Christmas 2016. And this is one of those discontinued chocolate bars we sadly miss. 

Nestle released the following statement to back up why they removed this popular chocolate; 'We wanted to celebrate Quality Street's 80th birthday by introducing the first new sweet for nearly a decade,' says Nestle. 'We did extensive research and found that the Honeycomb Crunch was the most popular option.' We're GUTTED.

4. Cadbury's Tiffin

Dairy Milk Tiffin

Credit: Flickr/Hazel Nicholson

The Tiffin chocolate bar was first sold back in 1937, but has been scrapped twice due to poor sales. This delicious chocolate bar did however make a comeback in a 'Special Edition' form in 2016 in the UK. However, we've not seen it on supermarket shelves since...

5. Time Out

Cadbury Time Out

Credit: Cadbury Gifts Direct

In March 2016, news broke that Cadburys had been slowly removing the Time Out that we know and love from our shelves. When one loyal fan tweeted the brand to ask what had happened, the brand said that they had 'combined the two original slim fingers into one delicious, wafery bar for only 35p that now contains 111 calories' - now known as the Time Out Wafer. The new incarnation is delicious, of course, but couldn't we have had both?!

6. Snaps

Cadbury Snaps

Credit: The Student Room

Much like a chocolate Pringle, these thin and crisp chocolate delights came in five amazing flavours - Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel Crunch, Mint and Orange. Eating a whole pack in one sitting was way too easy - but we'd do it all over again if we could get our hands on them.

7. Toffo

toffo retro chocolate bar

Credit: Treasure Island Sweets

Okay, so these aren't strictly a chocolate, but we definitely wish we could see this tube of chewy toffees on the sweetshop shelves now! These glue-your-teeth-together treats have been gone since 2008, but we still miss them every single day (especially the mint ones).

8. Astros

Cadbury Astros

Credit: Eatssummore

We're pretty sure these biscuit and chocolate balls were aimed at the kids, but we still ate more than our fair share of them when the now-discontinued chocolate bars launched in 1997. You can't get them in the UK anymore, but apparently they're still sold in South Africa - anyone fancy a chocolate cruise?

9. Texan

Texan chocolate bar

(Image credit: Alamy)

Nougat + toffee + chocolate = a match made in chocolate bar heaven. Texan bars were one of our absolute FAVES, as was crying "Sure is a mighty chew!" before consuming them. Nestle did re-release Texans in a wave of 2005 nostalgia, but then cruelly took them back out of our lives again. What a tease.

10. Milk Tray Bar

retro chocolate bar - milk tray bar

Credit: Alan Paul Stevens 

We don't know why this fusion of ALL of the chocolates from a Milk Tray chocolate box worked, but the point is, it did. Strawberry cream, fudge, Turkish delight, hazelnut - and that elusive lime barrel that you can't get for love nor money nowadays. Rest in peace, zesty old friend.

11. Fuse

retro chocolate bar - fuse

Credit: eBay

We'd really like to shake the hand of whoever thought of putting nuts, raisins, fudge and cereal pieces in a chocolate bar - and have swift words with whoever pulled Fuses out of production! The mini versions in the tubs of Cadbury Heroes were always the first to go in our house - was it really 2006 when we last unwrapped one of these beauties?!

12. Kit Kat Senses

retro chocolate bar - kitkat senses

Credit: Alamy

The beyond yummy Kit Kat Senses bars (which were basically a Kinder Bueno by any other name) were all the rage in 2009. Girls Aloud were roped in to promote this new kind of Kit Kat - and if it was good enough for Cheryl Cole it was good enough for us!

13. Kit Kat Caramac

caramac nestle chocolate bar

Credit: Sainsbury's

On the subject of Kit Kat-related deliciousness, where the flipping heck did the Kit Kat Caramac go? These crispy wafers coated in creamy caramel chocolate were one of the best retro chocolate bars EVER - the only problem being the snappable finger format, because people always expected you to share.

14. Aztec

Cadbury's aztec chocolate bar

Credit: Cadbury

70s children will definitely remember the Aztec! One look at that iconic purple wrapper and we can almost taste the caramel-nougat centre. Nowadays, we have to make do with Mars Bars, which are probably the closest modern chocolate bar you can buy. But, if we're honest, it just isn't the same!

15. Banjo

Banjo chocolate bar

Credit: Facebook

We don't know what they had to do with the musical instrument, but we do know that we could never decide between the coconut or roast nut bars (and always ended up eating both anyway). Want to see Banjos revived? Someone's created a Facebook campaign to get them back on the shelves!

16. Wispa Mint

Cadbury's Wispa Mint

Credit: Hot UK Deals

Wispa (and Wispa Gold) have been brought back into Cadbury's current range - but what about our beloved Wispa Mint? Tucked inside that shiny green wrapper was every mint chocolate lover's dream - sweet, bubbly chocolate with a hint of peppermint goodness. If they ever bring these retro chocolate bars back we're buying in bulk, just in case the worst should happen again.

17. Mint Crunchie

Cadbury's Mint Crunchie

Credit: Chocolate Review

Now that we're on our minty-fresh high horse about the Wispas, we're going to kick up a fuss about Mint Crunchies too. These crunchy bars of gold were all of the things we love in one delicious package, and it's an absolute travesty that they're not being made anymore.

18. Orange Crunchie

crunchie orange chocolate bar

Credit: Jake Howlett

Whilst we're at it, we'll have the orange ones back too. Thanks in advance, Mr Cadbury.

19. Cabanas

cabana retro chocolate bar

Credit: The Grocer

If you're a fan of tropical chocolate, you were probably as obsessed with Cabana bars as we were. To this day, there's nothing quite like that caramel, cherry and coconut centre (and no, before you say it, a Bounty bar doesn't count). If we try really hard, we can just about picture ourselves in the slightly sinister jungle from the advert...

20. Snow Flakes

Cadbury Snow Flake chocolate bar

(Image credit: Change.org)

The crumbliest flakiest chocolate did taste like chocolate never tasted before, when the geniuses at Cadbury decided to put their white ‘Dream' chocolate inside a standard flake and blow our tiny chocolate-loving minds. Sadly, these fabulous creations are no longer available - and come to think of it, has anyone seen a Dream bar recently?

21. Taz

Cadbury's retro chocolate bars - TAZ

Credit: Facebook

When we were kids, Freddos cost 10p - and you could pick up a Taz at the same time. With the Looney Toons Tasmanian Devil in pride of place on the front, we thought these were the best things you could buy with spare change from your pocket - but the early frog clearly had more fans, as Taz was discontinued and replaced with the caramel Freddo instead.

22. Treets

toffee treets retro chocolate bars

Credit: Simply Eighties

It makes us sad that our kids will never know the joy of a bag of Treets. Whether you went for peanut, toffee or mint, you know that when you opened that packet, you'd be greeted with the chocolatey nuggets of pure, crispy-shelled joy that no one has managed to replicate since. All together now, "they melt in your mouth, not your hand"...

23. Echo

Echo bar

Credit: Amazon

Fox's Echo bars were classic lunchbox biscuits - just the right size to be stashed away next to the sandwiches and apples - although we must confess that we were partial to dipping these bubbly bars into a cup of tea too. The milk and white chocolate ones were obviously the best, but we'd never say no to a mint one either.

24. Five Centres

Fry's retro chocolate bars - 5centre

Credit: Flickr

It seems impossible to us that Fry's stopped making these in 1992 - it feels like just yesterday that we were guessing whether it'd be raspberry, coffee, blackcurrant, orange or lime in our dark chocolate coated square. 

Considering they launched in 1924, they had a pretty good run, but we'd love to see them back and reinvented - especially as they were dairy free and vegan, so everyone could enjoy them!

25. Amazin Raisin

amazin raisin chocolate bar

Credit: Collectin Candy

Well, there'd be no missing this bar in a line up! The bright and beautiful packaging reflects the bar inside, which was simply bursting with goodies like nougat, caramel and raisins. It's basically rum and raisin ice cream in sweet form - how could we not want to see these in the shops again?

26. Terry's Pyramint

The shape, the filling, the gloriously moody green and brown packaging - there's nothing about Terry's Pyramint we don't miss, but they haven't been in stores since the 90s. If your love for the Pyramint runs as deep as ours, we'd suggest trying this homemade version from one of the geniuses at Pimp That Snack - it's not for the fainthearted, but it's probably the closest thing you'll find these days.

27. Cadbury Spira

cadbury spira - one of the best retro chocolate bars

Credit: Flickr

The joy of the Spira was that you got not one but two swirly bars of delicious Cadbury choc. There were no bells, no whistles, no nuts, no fudge - just pure, unadulterated chocolate heaven - which is precisely why we wish we could have them in our shops (and bellies) again.

28. Cadbury Marble

cadbury marble

Credit: Supernet

Seriously, Cadbury, you've got a lot to answer for - giving us milk chocolate, white chocolate AND praline in a bar, and then taking it away? Cruel, just cruel!

29. Secret

Ahh, Secret - our guiltiest 80s pleasure. With its fluffy, moussey, marshmallow-esque centre and thick coating of Nestle chocolate, it was one of our all-time favourite treats. Apparently it was withdrawn due to low sales volume, but we were so obsessed with them we're pretty sure we were buying enough to keep them in business ourselves!

30. Nuts about Caramel

nuts about caramel bar

Credit: Facebook

Yes, you can get these in ice cream form. Yes, they are delicious. But no, they are not a replacement for arguably one of the best retro chocolate bars EVER.

31. Applause

Applause retro chocolate bars

Credit: Do You Remember

Applause bars were made with a wholemeal biscuit AND they had raisins in them, so they're basically healthy, right? We reckon Holland and Barrett would put in a massive order - if only they'd bring these 90s wonders back...

32. Treasures

treasures chocolate bar

Credit: Roadfood

Oh gosh, we're going back to the 70s now, which makes us feel old, and more to the point, hungry. Treasures were a little like the 5 Centre in that they had different flavours in every square, but when someone invents a time machine, these are the first thing we're bringing back.

33. Cadbury Chocolate Coins

dairy milk chocolate coins

Credit: The Independent

Ho ho no! It's the end of an era - Cadbury has officially announced that they won't be making any more chocolate coins from 2014 onwards, in a blow to stocking fillers everywhere. 

We know there are plenty of alternatives on the market, but our Christmas morning will never be quite as delicious now that we can't scoff a couple of these before breakfast.

34. Cadbury's Touch Down

touch down chocolate

Credit: Matthew Of Clones Facebook
(Image credit: Jessica Dady)

Remember these? Back in the day this bar was all the craze and we just can't believe that it was only 10p! This tasty little chocolate went out of production more than 10 years ago (wow, now we feel old!) Mostly available in Ireland, this bar certainly is a blast from the past!

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