Cadbury and Oreo team up to create dreamy chocolate coated ice cream sandwiches


Even when it is cold outside, ice cream is a comforting treat for all ages. If you ever need to satisfy a sweet craving, it’s always there.

If you’ve ever struggled to choose between Oreos, ice cream and Cadbury chocolate, this delicious new creation lets you have all three at once. We’re already hungry!

That’s right, Cadbury and Oreo have teamed up to create mouth-watering ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate. Better yet, the ice cream filling is meant to taste exactly like the filling on the classic biscuit.

Previously, you could grab chocolate coated Oreos, but they've taken it to the new level and added ice cream. Which we definitely won't say no to.

You can buy them in packs of four from your nearest Asda, or get them delivered right to your door if you’re doing a big weekly shop. Recently, Asda trialled a one hour delivery service that’s perfect for any essentials.


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We don’t know about you, but we’d definitely class these Oreo stick sandwiches as an ‘essential’ buy. A pack of four is just £2 as well, so it would be rude not to add them to your basket.

Another must-have sweet treat was spotted at Asda, in the form of Ben & Jerry’s snackable cookie dough chunks. So if you’re craving something sweet, it seems like a trip to your local supermarket is on the cards.

Shoppers already seem enamored with the ice cream sandwiches, with one writing, ‘These are so good bought a box today.’

Another added, ‘These look AMAZING…. we need to try these methinks.’

And a third said, ‘I bought these yesterday!’

It seems that Asda is the only supermarket selling the new ice cream sandwiches, but they might pop up in more stores across the UK if we’re lucky. If not, then we're sure it'll be more than worth the trip to your nearest supermarket.

Will you be trying the new ice cream sandwiches? Let us know your thoughts on Faebook!

Lucy Buglass
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