Celebrations is axing this chocolate from its tubs this Christmas leaving fans divided

Some Celebrations tub of chocolates will have a missing chocolate this Christmas.

Celebrations chocolate
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Celebrations has announced that it is ditching the bounty from some of its festive boxes of chocolates this Christmas - but it has left fans divided.

Last year Nestle gave shoppers the chance to swap the unwanted bounties (opens in new tab) in their chocolate tubs for Malteaser Teasers by launching a Bounty trade-in scheme in three locations: Glasgow, London, and Manchester.

And following on from its success, the chocolate makers have decided to take it one step further and actually remove some of the chocolate covered coconut treats from its tubs - so that customers can choose whether to buy a box with them in or not.

The trial comes after Quality Street made some changes (opens in new tab) to its tubs and 40 per cent of customers revealed that they disliked the sweet selection the most - with many throwing the leftovers away come the new year.

"Last year, we gave customers the opportunity to return their unwanted Bounty chocolates. Now, off the back of public demand, we're trialling taking them out of the tub altogether," said Celebrations senior brand manager Emily Owen.

With festive chocolates being stocked ahead of Christmas, Nestle announced the step to customers on Instagram, it shared, "The rumours are true. Our much loved Bounty 🥥 has left the tub. We will be trialling No Bounty tubs from the 8th November. Keep your eyes peeled for more info coming soon...
#CelebrationsChocolate #Bounty."

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But some fans of the sweet treat aren't happy about the move.

One disgruntled fan wrote, "Why … why is the bounty being removed ? Raging. Who voted on this ?😢"

Another offered, "Bounty - my favourite. You should have a tub of just Bounty."

And a third  added, "Nooooo! Oh I only eat the bounty! Please put all the spare bounties in their own box and trial the popularity of them! Please?! 🙏"

Meanwhile, some fans were delighted at the move, with one telling the chocolate maker "Best news ever 😍😂"

And another agreed, "YES 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳"

In the past fans had started a petition to bring back the Galaxy truffle chocolate but the fan favourite is yet to make a re-appearance.

And it sounds like there could be more Celebrations news in the run up to Christmas when it teased, "Keep your eyes peeled for more info coming soon..."

We cannot wait!