There’s a new petition to bring back this Celebrations chocolate – is it your favourite?

Celebrations, Quality Street, Roses, Heroes. Constantly having these tins on hand is basically what gets us all through the cold wintery months.

But let’s face it, we all have a favourite. We all know the Bounty and coffee chocs will be left at the bottom at the tub, after the truffle and caramel kings of the tin have been fought over and swiftly nabbed.

So it was a day of mourning in the UK when Quality Street got rid of their newest top pick and when the legendary Galaxy truffle was taken out of the Celebrations box.

Well get ready to celebrate. Because the Galaxy Truffle could be coming back.

An online petition has been started to bring back the beloved flavour to Celebrations boxes.

Truffle fan, Sean Duggan, started the online petition to bring back everyone’s favourite chocolate pick after it was replaced with the caramel biscuit Twix back in 2011.

‘This petition has been made so people are aware that the Galaxy Truffle was taken away from the Celebrations chocolates,’ he wrote. ‘Apparently, they were taken away due to them being too expensive for production and so were replaced with the Twix.

‘Let's get the Truffle back and let the company know that we don't want something that was so popular to be replaced with something so mediocre.

‘Let us show not only the heartbreak of something so delicious being taken away, but to show that this should never happen again!’

Twitter users rushed to back the petition, writing: ‘If you only vote for one thing this year…let it be the people’s RIGHT to have Galaxy Truffles back in Celebrations boxes’, ‘there’s no bigger downgrade than when celebrations replaced the galaxy truffle with a twix’, and ‘Join me in supporting this important cause at iPetitions. Bring back the Galaxy Truffle to Celebrations.’

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With over 600 signatures already, the iPetition is already on its way towards its ambitious target of 10,000 signatures.

But in a nation of chocoholics, it could hit its target sooner than we think. Celebrations all around!

Aleesha Badkar
Lifestyle Writer

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