This TikTok colander hack showing we've been using them wrong all along is dividing pasta fans

We've been draining pasta all wrong according to this TikTok colander hack...

TikTok colander hack
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A colander hack has gone viral on TikTok, seemingly showing that we've been draining pasta wrong for years.

It's no secret that colanders are one of the best kitchen gadgets, helping folks everywhere enjoy their freshly made spaghetti without making a mess (or getting scalded). 

The nifty utensil normally gets used without much thought, however, with most people just tossing their cooked linguine or spuds into it and going about their day. 

If you're looking for a new way to drain your pasta, though, this one's for you. 

A video of a colander hack has gone viral on TikTok after it made the controversial claim that we've all been draining the water from our pots incorrectly. 

The culinary clip, which was posted by @cookingcards, is captioned, "How to use a colander the right way" and has already accumulated a whopping 62,900 likes. 

According to the video, one should place the colander over the saucepan and then tip the boiling water down the sink. This is contrary to the standard practice for colander usage, which involves depositing wet, hot food - usually pasta or potatoes - into the utensil. 


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The video caused quite a reaction from the TikTok community, many of whom questioned what difference the kitchen hack really makes. 

"As long as you get the water out and eat the sodding pasta who says what's right and wrong?" one person wrote, while another asked, "What's the benefit of doing this?" 

The video also prompted some people to reveal that they don't even use a colander in the first place. 

"Am I the only one who just uses the pan lid?" one TikToker wrote. Other debate circulated around the term 'colander' itself, with some commenters insisting the correct word is 'strainer.' 

Others pointed out that the hack could have some holes in it (pun intended) as it will only successfully work if the colander and the pan are equal in size. 

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