Common Prosecco mistakes you’re making and how to fix them

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  • Are you guilty of making these common Prosecco mistakes? Here’s a rundown of what could be holding you back from a perfect glass of fizz.

    Nothing quite beats a glass of pink Prosecco does it? Whether the sun is shining or you’re prepping yourself for a celebratory feast, there’s something satisfying about the theatre of popping a cork.

    If the Italian fizz is always your tipple of choice it’s worth checking you’re not making one of these common Prosecco mistakes.

    From using the wrong glassware to opening the cork wrong, there are a few things that could be holding you back from perfection.

    Thankfully, Prosecco expert, yes we want that job too, and Brand Ambassador for Mionetto, Marcello Gobbi has shared his knowledge so that we can all avoid making the same mistakes again.

    You’re not choosing the right glasses

    While most of us would automatically grab a glass flute for our fizz, it’s not the best vessel to drink from. Marcello explains: ‘They stop the bouquet of the wine releasing effectively – meaning you don’t get all of the aromas you should. Instead, Prosecco is best served in a tulip style sparkling wine glass.

    The height and slenderness of the tulip glass stop the bubbles escaping too quickly, and the bulb at the top collects the floral aromas coming from the wine.’

    You’re storing it in the fridge

    Have you always got a bottle in the fridge on standby? You could be drying the cork out! If you’re not planning to serve the fizz for a few weeks, it’s best to keep it in a cool, dry place away from heat and light. Marcello explains: ‘This also helps to avoid any explosive cork pops when opening! Once you’re ready to serve, the ideal temperature to make the most of the flavours is between 6 and 8 degrees. This equates to about 7 hours of fridge time – or, if you’re in a rush, pop in an ice bucket for 15 minutes.’

    Prosecco, white chocolate and rose Bundt cake

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    You’re opening the bottle incorrectly

    For minimum wastage and maximum safety, the rule is to twist the bottle, not the cork. Marcello reveals: ‘First, remove the foil on the bottle…Loosen the wire cage around the cork by flipping down the small wire ‘key’ and twisting it. Hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle, making sure you keep it pointed in a safe direction, away from yourself and other people! Hold the bottom of the bottle with one hand and the cork with the other.

    Holding the cork firmly, use your dominant hand turn the bottle slowly towards you. This will gently loosen the cork until it eases out.’

    You’re losing too much fizz when you pour

    According to Marcello the best way to pour your fizz is by tilting the glass at a 45-degree angle. Slowly pour down the side of the glass. He also recommends: ‘Start with a small amount and wait for the bubbles to settle before topping up the rest of the glass to three-quarters full. If you want to be extra-prepared, put a drop of Prosecco in each glass ahead of time. When it comes to pouring the rest, it doesn’t fizz as much.’


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