This is how you can enjoy a FREE Cadbury 99 Flake ice cream this summer


What’s summer without a classic 99 ice cream in the sunshine? For a limited time, you can get yourself a free one and this is how...

All you have to do is scream loud enough - it sounds like a bizarre request, but it’s all part of Cadbury’s latest tour. They’ll be taking their iScream machine to various spots in the UK, and if your scream reaches high enough on their scream-o-meter, you get yourself a free cone.

Sounds good, right? The special event is in conjunction with the 99th birthday of the Cadbury Flake, the iconic chocolate bar used in the ice cream.

The development of the Cadbury Flake dates all the way back to 1920, when an employee noticed the chocolate falling off the production line created a stream of delicate and crumbly folded chocolate, which was later turned into the bar we know and love.

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Cadbury Flake 99's came later, using a smaller version of the chocolate bar that fits perfectly into soft serve ice cream and has been delighting beach-goers ever since. Most of us will remember enjoying one on the beach with family, friends, or just by yourself.

If you live near the seaside, you might spot the iScream Machine. It’s starting in Brighton then moving on to Weston-Super-Mare this weekend (20th July). Other locations are yet to be decided, so keep an eye out!

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If your scream is sadly too weak, you can still enjoy some new Cadbury treats this summer. Oreo and Cadbury have teamed up to bring us chocolate coated Oreos into our lives.

Or, if you fancy making some ice cream treats to impress your friends, our ice cream cone cupcakes should go down a treat! And yes, they use the Cadbury Flake too.

Summer was made for tasty snacks in the sunshine, or so we think anyway!

Lucy Buglass
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