Best and worst low-calorie ice lollies and ice creams for your diet

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  • Who can resist a refreshing ice lolly or ice cream on a sunny day? But does your favourite leave you feeling cold in the health stakes? We've revealed the best and worst ice lollies...

    When the sun comes out then there really is nothing better than visiting the ice cream man for the best ice lollies or ice creams. But have you ever considered how many calories, sugar or salt is in that Cornetto? Twister? Or Fab?

    Well we’ve done the leg work for you by examining the nutritional content of the best ice lollies and ice creams on the market to see which ones will leave you feeling refreshed, and which ones will leave you feeling cold in the health stakes.

    Curious to know if your favourite came out as one of the best or worst? We’ve looked at classics like Twisters, Calippos, Fruit Pastilles, Magnums and many more of your frozen favourites and rated them bad to good on a calorie scale. So the next time you make a stop at the ice cream van, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that your choice won’t be adding to your waistline (too much!)

    We’ve also included the fat, sugar and salt content of each ice lolly and ice cream so you can see which ones are okay as occasional treats and which ones you can give to the children (and yourself of course) without feeling guilty.

    There are some pretty shocking results in here, one ice lolly even contains 17g of sugar – that’s 4 teaspoons! While one very popular ice cream had over half (14g) the daily allowance of saturated fat. Some ice creams also topped the sugar scale with nearly 20g of sugar – just close to the recommended daily intake of 25g for women.

    Browse our collection to find out which are the best ice lollies and ice creams, and more importantly, which are the worst for your waistline.