Greggs branded a 'rip off' after increasing the prices of some of their most popular products

It might just be a 'little' change, but Greggs fans think it makes a big difference…

Greggs customers have been left fuming after the one-stop baked goods shop raised their prices without informing their customers.

While the 25p price increase for the Greggs 'premium breakfast meal deal', which includes a sausage, bacon or egg roll and a hot drink or fresh juice, has irritated their regular customers who can no longer bag their morning breakfast deal for just £2, it's the price increase on the Greggs sausage roll that has really irritated the store's regulars.

Greggs have now increased the price of their sausage roll by 5p, meaning customers now need to hand over 90p instead of 85p for the savoury pastry snack.

After learning about the sudden price increase only when they went to buy their chosen baked goods in Greggs, customers have taken to social media to vent their fury and share their disappointed with the brand.

'I very disappointed at the company because you paying 85p to 90p for one sausage roll it's poor. (Rip off),' wrote one irritated customer, while another angry shopper said he'd rather go to McDonalds for his meals from now on: '90p a sausage roll looks like im never shopping at you ripof merchants, your prices make macies look like a better option.'

'90 pence for an awful sausage roll,' one Twitter user moaned, prompting Greggs to respond via their official account asking: 'What was awful about it?'

Other social media users took to reminiscing about times when you could purchase a sausage roll from the store for less than 50p. 'Remember when Greggs sausage rolls used to be like 40p? Good times.'

In response to the uproar and the outrage shared by customers on social media, Greggs have been replying to angry fans on Twitter, putting the sudden price increase down to a 'rise in ingredient costs.'

'We try and keep our prices as low as possible for our customers,' wrote the Greggs Official Twitter account, 'but as a last resort due to the rise in ingredient costs we've increased them slightly.'

So, what do you think? Are you a regular Greggs customer? Does the price increase put you off from buying baked goods there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!


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