Sainsbury’s launches hot cross buns-flavoured tea for Easter but not all shoppers are convinced

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  • Hot cross buns are an Easter staple, and now they’re available in a drinkable form.

    If you can’t get enough of tea and hot cross buns, you can now combine the two thanks to Sainsbury’s.

    Their brand new hot cross buns flavoured tea is caffeine free, and is a Rooibos flavour infused with orange, lemon and spices.

    The new product was shared to Instagram food blog New Foods UK, which showed that it was an original Sainbury’s own brand product.

    They wrote, ‘Hot Cross Bun Flavour tea at @sainsburys 🤣😆😮’

    However, not all shoppers are convinced about the newest addition to the tea shelves. It is a very unique one after all!

    One simply wrote, ‘I don’t know how I feel about this 😂😂’

    Another disappointed follower wrote, ‘Smells like lemon & spice. Tastes like….nothing. Very bland and blah. 🤨’

    And a third said, ‘Wanted to enjoy it but sadly didn’t! Doesn’t taste like tea more like something you get off the doctor for the common cold 😂’.

    hot cross buns

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    Others were excited though, and we’re sure many hot cross buns will want to give this a go.

    One wrote, ‘we must try these over Easter!! 😍 🐣 💖💖’.

    A happy customer wrote, ‘I loved this, got a few boxes 👍😋’.

    Another added, ‘Tried that today. Really liked the flavour!’

    Hot cross buns have had quite the makeover this Easter season.

    Aldi released new hot cross buns with a sticky toffee pudding flavour for those with a sweet tooth, and we’re sure they’ll make the perfect dessert.

    Greggs launched vegan-friendly hot cross buns so all customers could enjoy the popular Easter treat this year.

    And Marks & Spencer’s divided customers with their rather unique flavour hot cross buns.

    Lots of unique Easter treats to pick from…

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