How to make a perfect Aperol Spritz

Apparently, we’ve been making them wrong!
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  • It’s not summer until the fishbowl glasses of Aperol spritz come out. But according to Aperol only one in four Brits knows how to make the perfect Spritz.

    If you doubt your spritz-making abilities, you can now consult the new ‘Aperol Spritz-O-Meter’. It’s a handy colour chart created by Aperol. The idea is you can achieve the ideal ratio or Aperol to prosecco based on the colour. Paolo Tonellotto, Aperol’s resident Aperitivo Expert, developed the handy tool.

    To create the ultimate cocktail Paolo suggests “you should follow our equal parts recipe of Prosecco and then Aperol, served over plenty of ice with a dash of soda, a quick stir, and garnished with a fresh orange slice.”

    Aperol spritz is one of the nation’s favourite cocktails. It was up there with Espresso Martini and Margarita as the most searched cocktails during the lockdown. But the majority of us are making it wrong! One of the reasons that we love Aperlo spritz so much is despite looking impressive, it’s super easy to make at home.

    It contains minimal ingredients and doesn’t require any fancy bartender kit to make. Aperol spritz is made of two fundamental ingredients: Prosecco and Aperol. It’s the balance of these that makes for the perfect bittersweet cocktail, so essential to get the correct ratio.

    Ice is obviously obligatory, and essential for keeping the drink refreshing and cool on hot days. A orange slice in a common garnish. And the glass is topped up with a splash of soda water. It’s often served it in a large wine or large bulb glass is ideal so there’s plenty of room for lots of ice.

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    Aperol Spritz-O-Meter

    Aperol launched the nifty colour chart to aid you in creating the perfect serve in honour of National Prosecco Day (which was on Thursday 13 August),



    A guide to making the perfect Aperol spritz


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    The ‘Aperol Spritz-O-Meter’ helps you to create a perfect balanced drink at home by matching yours to the colour chart.

    It shows ten varied coloured attempts at the perfect spritz. They range in colour from a pale salmon version – marked “Clearly Wrong” to a tango orange option labelled the “perfect Aperol Spritz”. To check you have the correct ratio of Prosecco to Aperol compare the colour of the drink in your glass to the guide.