This pub is selling a lasagne baked inside two pizzas - and it's less than £10!

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We all know the struggle of choosing what to eat when you go out, but one UK pub is selling a lasagne baked inside two pizzas to make your decision a bit easier.

If you constantly find yourself unable to choose what you want eat while down at the pub, you'll be happy to know Hungry Horse has come up with an epic solution for indecisive people.

The pub chain has decided to combine the two classic Italian dishes into one behemoth meal, which sees a classic beef lasagne sandwiched between two freshly baked margherita pizzas.

It even comes with a side of chips and a Napolitana dip to help you really indulge. Did someone say carbs?

Hungry Horse pizza

Credit: Hungry Horse

Better yet, it's only £9.49 so you don't need to break the bank if you fancy a big pub meal. Why not head down to your local pub and try one?

The new creation is part of Hungry Horse's new spring menu, which sees three exciting new additions to their mains.

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The lasagne pizza is designed as a sharer meal, so you're not expected to devour the whole thing yourself! But if you do fancy trying a new individual main meal, there's a couple on offer.

They're also selling another mash-up meal, the Fajita Burger, which combines your traditional cheeseburger with spices, salsa, sour cream and tortilla chips. It's a lot smaller than the lasagne pizza so perfect for one!

Or, indulge in a classic chicken kebab. Tasty battered chicken, spicy mayonnaise and fresh chilli wrapped up in a flatbread is worth venturing out for, right?

If none of those take your fancy, Hungry Horse will still be selling your favourite pub grub. Whether that's a burger, a curry, or fish and chips, there's plenty on offer.

They have locations spread around the country, so time to plan your next visit...

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