Iceland’s £2 chicken nuggets praised for tasting ‘just like McDonald’s’


We all know the struggle: you want to order McDonald’s but money’s too tight to justify a takeaway right now. But now there’s a way to enjoy McDonald’s style nuggets for less.

Iceland’s own brand Crispy Chicken Breast XL Nuggets have been very well received by shoppers, with one letting frugal foodies know that they taste just like the ones served at McDonald’s. That's a huge compliment!

Taking to Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, Claire told shoppers, ‘Picked up these chicken nuggets from Iceland as they look like McDonald’s nuggets.


Credit: Iceland

‘My daughter loves McDonald’s as a treat. If you cook them in the oven as directed then fry in a pan with oil for about five minutes to crisp them up they taste just like McDonald’s nuggets.’

However, Claire wasn’t the only one, as people were quick to head to the comments section to echo her statement.

One savvy shopper wrote, ‘Mine think these are McDonald’s. I’ve saved the Happy Meal wrappers and box and do these and fries in the fryer.’

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Another even said, ‘I think they’re far better than McDonald’s.’

And a third added, ‘I do mine in the air fryer and they come out lovely.’


Credit: Getty Images

So if you’re after a budget alternative to McDonald’s iconic chicken nuggets, it seems Iceland’s version has got the seal of approval from many shoppers. For just £2, it’s an absolute bargain too.

McDonald’s 20 box of nuggets costs £4.29, and Iceland is selling 10 more for just £2 - So it’s definitely worth trying to see if you think they're just as good.

They cook in 15 – 17 minutes too, so you’ll be able to enjoy tasty nuggets in no time. We’ll be picking these up next time we’re in Iceland!

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