Iceland is selling £3 Slush Puppie ice cream and it's seriously nostalgic

An Iceland Foods store logo in Bromley, London.
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Iceland has teamed up with Slush Puppie to launch a unique range of ice cream and they're a total blast from the past.

Growing up, you could never get through a hot summer day without stopping by the local shop and ordering an ice cold Slush Puppie.

Whether you were on team blue or red, Slush Puppies are a firm childhood favourite for plenty of Brits.

Now, our childhood days are poised to make a sweet comeback, thanks to a collaboration between Iceland and Slush Puppie.

The frozen food supermarket is selling Slush Puppie ice cream priced at just £3 and we can't wait to tuck in.

The sweet treat favourite has been reinvented to create two original ice cream flavours: Blue Raspberry and Strawberry, both of which are priced at just £3 for 500ml.

The modern twist on the retro classic is available now in Iceland stores and online.

Slush Puppie ice cream

Enjoy a scoop or two by the pool, or serve it as a standout dessert at a dinner party or during a family movie night - it's the perfect summer treat now we can meet outside and indoors once again, following progressions in the government's lockdown roadmap.

You can even buy a tub of each and mix them together in the same bowl, just like you did in the old days when you couldn't choose just one flavour of slush.

Announcing the launch Iceland said, "The SLUSH PUPPiE Blue Raspberry and SLUSH PUPPiE Strawberry ice creams can be enjoyed at any time in a convenient, pint-sized tub. They are the perfect way to get that SLUSH PUPPiE fix at any time of day."

Slush Puppie The Original Strawberry Ice Cream - £3 at IcelandShoppers can re-live childhood memories of begging their parents for a cup of the thirst-quenching, brain freeze-giving slush by tucking into a tub of the famous red or blue.

Iceland is killing it in the dessert front, having just released a Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Cake.

Swirls of Biscoff Ice Cream are piled on top of a Lotus Biscoff Caramelised Spread and crispy chocolate layers for the perfect mix.

Not only that, but the budget store has frozen Hula Hoop and Space Raiders oven treats, perfect for continuing your streak of nostalgia.

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