Iceland is selling a Vimto cheesecake and shoppers are completely torn

Vimto cheesecake
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Iceland is selling a bright purple Vimto flavoured cheesecake and it's dividing the opinions of dessert lovers.

Sometimes all you want to do is kick-back and unwind with a cold glass of Vimto, but the iconic squash isn't exactly everyone's idea of a delicious dessert flavour.

While Vimto may seem like a bizarre choice of flavouring when it comes to cheesecake, Iceland has given it a go.

The frozen food giant has announced that it'll be stocking an exclusive Vimto cheesecake made with Vimto's famous recipe.

It follows the launch of its hot cross bun cheesecake and Biscoff ice cream cake and the innovative addition to Iceland's shelves has shoppers either intrigued or disgusted.

Vimto cheesecake

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The 400g cake features a Vimto-flavoured creamy cheesecake filling, crushed biscuit crust, and rich purple glazing, all for just £3.

A snap of the sweet treat was shared on foodie Instagram page, NewFoodsUK, with a caption that read, "New Vimto Cheesecake! 😎 This new cheesecake is spot on, very strong taste of Vimto which we loved! This is exclusive to @icelandfoods and will be available in stores tomorrow and online today! 😍"

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Plenty of food fans took the comment section to have their say.

"Gone too far now," one sceptic penned. 

"Yeah not sure how I feel about this," added another, while a third wrote, "Not sure😂"

Meanwhile, others were delighted by the bold launch.

"Off to get this ASAP," one typed, tagging a pal, while another chipped in to add, "Looks divine!"

Another agreed,"I'm alive for this."

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