Popcorn KitKat Chunky bars are now available in the UK – and they’re the right mix of sweet and salty

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  • We’re all familiar with salted caramel, but KitKat Chunky’s new flavour is the mix of sweet and salty flavours we’ve all been waiting for.

    KitKat Chunky has launched a range of flavours from peanut butter to cookie dough to the coveted white chocolate edition that we wish was available in more places. But now, you can experience KitKat Chunky Popcorn.

    The new flavour was spotted by Instagram food blogger New Foods UK, showing off the iconic wrapper complete with the classic red and white popcorn box branding.

    Alongside that was the bar itself, which had been bitten into revealing the white filling which resembles everyone’s favourite cinema snack.

    Sharing the new find, they wrote, ‘KitKat Chunky Popcorn!! Ordered from UK website @gbgifts great sweet and salty combination works very well! Delicious 😍😮🤤’.

    Naturally, many foodies were interested in the tasty new find, with the post racking up over 1,000 likes from interested people.

    One excited commenter wrote, ‘That looks so good!!!’

    Another added, ‘These gotta taste amazing’.

    A third tagged a friend joking about their diet, saying, ‘so can we stop being good now ?’

    If you want to get your hands on KitKat Chunky Popcorn, there’s a bit of a catch. You won’t find it on any shelves in the UK, meaning it has to be ordered online.

    GB Gifts stock the tasty chocolate bar, but it’ll cost you £4.99 for two bars as it’s a Dubai import and expensive to transport around the world. It’s likely way more than you’d usually pay for a KitKat, but we’re sure it’ll be worth it for a treat.

    The website stocks plenty of confectionary from around the world, if you’re keen to try new things or you miss the food from that country.

    Other examples include Caramel Mud Cake Mars Bars, Strawberry Milky Way, and Dairy Milk Crème Egg bars.

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