Krispy Kreme launches new limited edition doughnut range with the flavours of Reese's and Oreo

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth? For us, there’s nothing better than a lighter-than-air doughnut, dripping in sticky-sweet glaze. That was until now… 

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How do you satisfy your sweet tooth? For many, there’s nothing better than a Krispy Kreme doughnut dripping in sticky-sweet glaze.

So when the global doughnut deity introduced a new range of All-Americana doughnuts to its menu, it was arguably some of the best news of the year.

The drool-worthy treats have been stuffed, topped and rolled in some of the world's favourite American treats, and we just can't wait to try them!

The new ‘Twisted’ range marries Krispy Kreme doughnuts with the boldest iconic American flavours from Reese’s and Oreo, for a taste sensation like no other!

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The Twisted Range

Twisted Reese’s Choco Ring Doughnut, £2.25 Original Glazed doughnut with a choco Reese’s filling, sprinkled with Reese’s drops and crunchy hazelnuts for chocolatey-peanut fun times.

Twisted Cookie S’mores Doughnut, £2.25 Dipped-‘n’-rolled in icing & American cookie, filled with whipped mallow, drizzled with a flurry of chocolatey goodness.

Oreo Kreme Shake, £3.30 The Oreo Kreme Shake comes with crushed Oreo pieces, chocolate syrup and whipped cream

Strawberry Kreme Shake with Oreo, £3.30 Strawberry Kreme Shake with Oreo comes with crushed Oreo pieces, strawberry syrup and whipped cream

Louise Direito, Krispy Kreme UK and Ireland’s Head of Innovation said: "Krispy Kreme is all about bringing smiles to customers' faces. Our new Twisted range is all about bringing exciting American flavours and twisting them together with our iconic doughnuts.”

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To launch the new range, Krispy Kreme also brings you a ‘Twisted in Two’. A film montage of the most iconic Americana film scenes condensed into two-minutes. and Performed and comically twisted by comedian Josh Berry with his breakout stars, Reese’s Choco Ring and Cookie S’mores, expect renowned romantic rendezvous and boxing montages! 

Josh Berry, UK mimic and stand-up comedian said: “It’s long since been an ambition of mine to work with Krispy Kreme, so to combine them with the American film genre has been beyond a pleasure. This is my finest work and will not only revolutionise social media but the way we perceive doughnuts around the world and through time.”

The ‘Twisted in Two’ mini screens will be available to win on social, alongside a Twisted three-pack doughnut box. For more information on the new Twisted range, and how you can win an exclusive ‘Twisted in Two’ box, please visit and @KrispyKremeUK.

Happy eating!

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