Lidl has released mulled wine cheese in time for Christmas

lidl mulled wine cheese

Christmas is the time for all the food.

And while we always look forward to the festive classics – mince pies, pigs in blankets, chocolate Yule log – each year also comes with a host of wacky new creations to test our tastebuds.

Christmas tree flavoured crisps and Brussels sprouts tea? Think we’ll give it a miss thanks.

But one supermarket has come up with a curious combo that we think may actually work.

And the best part? It’ll make the perfect addition to your Christmas Day cheeseboard. Say no more, we’re there.

Budget supermarket Lidl has released a new cheese, infused with mulled wine!

Their Deluxe Wensleydale Winter Punch is a chunk of the crumbly cheese blended with festive cranberries and classic Christmas favourite mulled wine.

lidl mulled wine cheese

Credit: Lidl

Or if you’re not a fan of the spiced yuletide tipple they have another sweet, cheesy offering for you to get your hands (and lips) on.

For Christmas, their creamy Deluxe White Stilton is blended with sweet and tangy bites of apricot and orange and then infused with sugary liqueur Amaretto.

lidl mulled wine cheese

Credit: Lidl

Or, if you’re going teetotal for the season and want to avoid these tipsy twists, you can dig into their Deluxe 30 Month Matured Hand Made Vintage Cheddar.

‘Each traditionally hand-wrapped cheddar is made with locally sourced British milk and crafted from recipes passed down through generations of the Joseph Heler family, who run Laurel Farm nestled in the heart of the Cheshire countryside,’ says Lidl.

‘There, the vintage cheddar is lovingly matured for up to 30 months to give it a crunchy bite and punchy kick, before being encased in an elegant black wax to lock in its unique flavour.’

You can get the boozy cheeses in-store or online and they are are on offer for only £1.99 each, while the vintage cheddar is available for £3.99.

Looks like those Christmas day cheeseboards have just got a serious upgrade.

Aleesha Badkar
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