Marks & Spencer’s gin & tonic pancake sauce is back by popular demand

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  • Now that we're heading into March, there's one occasion that we're all getting a bit giddy for - Pancake Day.

    The whole Tuesday completely dedicated to chowing down on light crepes, fluffy pancakes and all of the glorious toppings that come with them.

    And of those moreish toppings, there’s one in particular that caught our eye when it was released last month.

    Yes, of course we’re talking about Marks & Spencer’s Lemon, Gin & Tonic sauce.

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    The high-end supermarket’s dessert sauce is just what we need to get our winter gin fix, because a refreshing Tanqueray and tonic on the rocks just isn’t the same when it’s drizzling outside and the heating’s on full blast.

    Unfortunately the cocktail in a bottle sold out in under a week when it first hit shelves back in January. Sob.

    But now, the retailer has announced that they’re giving us all another chance to get our hands on the bestseller.

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    Due to popular demand, the boozy drizzle is making its way back to stores.

    The tart and zesty sweet lemon topping has been designed to imitate the classic taste of the summery bar favourite.

    And the sauce, which comes in a squeezy bottle to avoid sticky, saucy mess dripping down the sides of the bottle, even uses real four per cent alcohol gin and lemon juice. No wonder it was a hit.

    marks spencer lemon gin tonic sauce

    Credit: Marks & Spencer

    ‘Gin is definitely having a moment!’ says Alexandra Laverick, M&S Product Developer. ‘So we’ve decided to bring a little bit of the UK’s favourite tipple to the festivities on Pancake Day.

    ‘Tart, zesty and utterly more-ish, the Lemon, Gin and Tonic Sauce is perfect for those looking for something a little different.’

    You can now get your hands on it again in Marks & Spencer food departments and Foodhalls across the country or on their Foodhall website. And it comes in at only £2 for a bottle!

    If you’d rather avoid the alcohol on the day that’s dedicated to eating as many pancakes as possible there are other options.

    The retailer also does a Belgian Chocolate Sauce, Sticky Toffee Sauce and Really Raspberry Sauce that you could opt for instead.

    But personally, we’re down for lemon and sugar with a touch of the hard stuff.

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