McDonald's is adding a brand new item to its breakfast menu this week

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McDonald's is adding a brand new item to its breakfast menu and it arrives this week.

Some of us are well versed in what time McDonald's breakfasts start and finish, with many of us partial to the sausage, cheese and egg McMuffin - arguably the fast food chain's take on the simple yet delicious bacon butty.

Now, McDonald's is combining the two favourites to add a brand new treat to its morning menu. Fan's are also thrilled that McDonald's Monopoly will be making a welcome return next summer.

The Breakfast Roll jam is packed with bacon, cheese, egg, and sausage with a choice of brown sauce or ketchup. Yum.

Inside the soft white bap you'll find the same sausage patty, perfectly round egg and deliciously melty cheese found inside the famous McMuffin alongside the crispy bacon from the McDonald's bacon roll.

McDonald's breakfast

Credit: McDonald's UK

Breakfast fans will be able to tuck into the new fast food treat as of Wednesday, October 21st.

It'll set you back just £2.79 and will be served alongside the rest of the current McDonald's breakfast menu from 5am to 11am... you know the drill.

While the McDonald's menu is still reduced following its re-opening after the coronavirus lockdown, there's still loads of tasty choices to opt for in the morning.

This morning menu mix up comes after five new items were added to the main menu, leaving Maccies fans delighted.

Nacho Cheese Wedges were brought back to adoring fans along with a Salted Caramel Latte for caffeine lovers with a sweet tooth.


Credit: McDonald's UK

Meanwhile, the Quarter Pounder was given a revamp, with the Spicy Quarter Pounder with Cheese and the Quarter Pounder Deluxe being on offer until November 17th.

Chicken fans can also get their hands on the new McChicken BLT until he end of the promotion too.

While McDonald's has still not confirmed when the entirety of the full menu will come back into our lives, they've assured fans that all is being done to get it here.

Loyal customers are particularly sad about the disappearance of the Breakfast Wrap, but an official Maccies spokesperson has explained it won't be away forever.

"McDonald's is continually looking at safe ways to bring back fan favourite items and are currently unable to offer the breakfast wrap while maintaining social distancing."

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