McDonald’s have announced its festive drinks menu and people are very excited

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  • McDonald’s have once again joined in with the festive hot drink hype and when you see its new launch you’ll understand why people are so excited.

    If and when you find yourselves in a McDonald’s you might not think to order a hot drink to go alongside your nuggets or double cheeseburger…

    But when you discover the new flavour on the festive hot drinks menu you might find yourself dodging the usual coffee outlets and making a special trip to the golden arches.

    Yes, this year McDonald’s have really upped their game and they are offering a Milllionaire’s Latte, which we can imagine tastes as sweet and dreamy as it sounds.

    The caffeinated hot beverage contains one large shot of espresso, steamed milk and a caramel biscuit flavour syrup. To make it extra indulgent, you can then have it topped with a swirl of chocolate cream and an additional swirl of caramel.

    It goes on sale from next week and it’s super affordable with a medium coffee costing just £1.99! If you want a large it will set you back £2.29 but you should definitely treat it as an occasional luxury as it’s over 1000 calories!

    Credit: McDonald’s

    McDonald’s festive cups feature an adorable reindeer with a geometric design and snowflakes hanging from its antlers. We’re not sure which of Santa’s reindeer it is meant to resemble but the absence of a red nose rules Rudolf out…

    People are already very excited by the new launch with one person tweeting: ‘Way too excited for this millionaires shortbread latte that’s launching tomorrow’.

    Another said: ‘Millionaire latte is definitely on the list to try #McDonalds #christmascoffee’.

    A third added: ‘YES PLEASE! 😍’

    In other festive hot drinks news, Costa released its cups and flavours last month as well as some tasty sounding food.

    This year Costa customers can expect the return of the popular Black Forest Hot Chocolate and Gingerbread & Cream Latte plus a Gingerbread & Cream hot chocolate, a Caramelised Orange & Cream Latte and Hot Chocolate, a Hazelnut Praline & Cream Latte and Hot Chocolate and a Luxury Hot Chocolate.

    They’ve also got a pigs in blankets mac and cheese which sounds dreamy, right?

    Have you tried the McDonald’s festive drinks before? Who offer the best selection for the best value in your opinion? Head over to our Facebook page to share your thoughts!

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