McDonald’s is bringing back its very popular Mint Matchmaker McFlurry

We're so happy!
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  • McDonald’s is bringing back their Mint Matchmaker McFlurry back for the first time in six years, and we’re very excited.

    Mint matchmakers are part of Nestle’s beloved Quality Street range, which you’ll be seeing a lot of as Christmas time approaches, and this includes popular fast food chain McDonald’s!

    If you haven’t tried them (and you really should), Matchmakers are thin dark chocolate sticks with a variety of flavours. And mint has been a very popular choice among shoppers.

    They were a popular choice as a McFlurry flavour for a while, easily noticeable by their bright green tubs with the Quality Street logo on them. But they disappeared from restaurants until now.

    Who can resist dairy ice cream, mint, and dark chocolate, mixed in with a chocolate mint sauce? Not us, that’s for sure.


    Credit: McDonald’s

    As a Christmas treat, the fast food restaurant is bringing it back to stores across the UK, and they’ll be available from 20th November.

    They’ll be available until January 1st, so you’ll have to get one throughout November and December to avoid disappointment. Once they’re gone, we’re not sure if or when McDonald’s will bring them back again!

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    McDonald’s have made a lot of changes to their menu recently, including an Indian-inspired burger with garlic naan bread instead of a bun.

    That was a great way to have the best of both worlds if you couldn’t decide which takeaway to have!

    They also made a big change to their Happy Meals this year, offering customers a choice that they’ve never offered before.

    Or, if you’d prefer something warmer this Christmas, they’re also offering a Millionaires latte alongside a Millionaire’s doughnut to help you feel festive.

    Teasing their new release with a fun video, they wrote, ‘Christmas? Nailed it’. We definitely agree!

    Even though it’s starting to get cold outside, we’ll definitely be grabbing ourselves a tub of Matchmakers ice cream. It’s pretty hard to resist, if we’re honest.

    If you want one though, you’ll have to beat us to the queue!

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