McDonald’s are launching an Indian-inspired burger with garlic naan bread instead of a bun

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Fast food giant McDonald’s are set to launch a seriously unique new burger, combining aspects of Indian food with their famous chicken burger offerings.

If you regularly find yourself torn between ordering an Indian take away or hitting the McDonald's drive-through, this new foodie combie should be the answer to all your food problems!

The exciting new creation will be made up of two of McDonald’s famous Chicken Selects teamed with an Indian-style relish, garlic mayo, red onion, lettuce and cucumber.

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Where the usual soft, sesame seed covered bun would usually be, there will instead be two garlic naan breads, sandwiching the delicious fillings together.

If the details of this deliciously different treat have got you feeling like you can’t possibly wait any longer to try one - you’re in luck!

The Indian Chicken was available to buy as of yesterday, and will be served in restaurants until the 22nd of October.

The limited edition release is part of McDonald’s new Great Tastes of the World promotion, in which they are offering various different mouth watering burgers inspired by flavours from across the globe.

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Other exotic options include The Canadian Stack, a double beef burger crammed with cheese, bacon and rich maple sauce, The Jamaican Chicken, complete with jerk sauce, and the garlic lover’s heaven that is The French Stack.

If you’re not one for patty filled buns but have a rather hefty appetite, you can pick yourself up some Cheese and Herb Melts- irresistible bites of melted cheese in a crispy fried coating- newly available in a 15 piece share box. Yum!


Credit: McDonald's

So, when is every option from the Great Tastes of the World range going to be available and how long for? Here are the dates for your diary!

  • The French Stack. Available from 25th Sept – 8th Oct.
  • The Indian Chicken. Available from 25th Sept – 22nd Oct.
  • The Canadian Stack. Available from 9th – 22nd Oct.
  • The Swiss Stack. Available from 23rd Oct – 5th Nov.
  • The Italian Stack. Available from 6th – 19th Nov.
  • The Jamaican Chicken. Available from 23rd Oct – 19th Nov.

So will you be trying the brand new McDonald's releases?

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