Chef reveals the mind blowing way to peel garlic easily

peel garlic
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Garlic is a key ingredient in many dishes, but it can often be difficult to peel the cloves. After all, too much garlic can ruin the entire dish, so we want to make sure we're doing it properly.

If you find yourself struggling with how to peel garlic, don't worry, because an expert has revealed a very simple way to get the job done.

Sarah Jampel from Bon Appetit's Basically has revealed that to remove the skins easily, boiling them in water does the trick.

Sarah took the hack from Nadiya Hussain, who demonstrated it on her show Nadiya's Time To Eat.

All you have to do is let separated garlic cloves sit in boiling water for one minute, and their skins should come away easily.

In a post, Sarah wrote, 'I was surprised and delighted to receive a text from an unknown number this week about a mind-boggling garlic peeling tip.'

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She added, 'I tried it. And it worked great! It’s probably not time-efficient if you only need to peel a few cloves.'

But for any dishes relying heavily on garlic, this hack can save a lot of time and effort in the kitchen.

crush garlic

The 'crush method' of removing garlic skins... (Credit: Getty Images)

The other, more commonly used garlic peeling method is the 'crush method'.

This involves using the flat side of your knife to crush the garlic clove, after which the skin should come away.

But this can be a bit fiddly for some people, meaning the water option might be best for you.

There's all sort of genius cooking hacks out there, including the revelation that we'd been cooking Birds Eye potato waffles wrong.

Turns out, there's a much simpler way to cook your waffles that doesn't involve pre-heating the oven. We bet you've never tried it.

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