Morrisons is giving away free carrots for Rudolph this Christmas

Great idea!
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  • Morrisons is making it so easy to prepare for the arrival of Father Christmas this year, providing a free treat for Rudolph.

    On Saturday December 19th, free carrots will be handed out at the entrances of Morrisons stores across the UK. They’ll be bagged up in a special bag which reads ‘Magic carrots for Rudolph’.

    In fact, they have pledged to give away 125,000 paper bags filled with these magic carrots, which are part of their wonky veg section.

    If you’re not familiar, wonky veg can be oversized, misshapen or scarred, and are often overlooked by shoppers who prefer to opt for a ‘normal’ looking vegetable instead.

    But wonky veg tastes just as good and are cheaper too. At Morrisons stores, wonky carrots are 50p per kilogram, whereas regular carrots are 60p per kilogram.


    Credit: Morrisons

    The aim of the giveaway is to raise awareness of wonky veg, and hopefully encourage more customers to buy it whenever they’re doing their grocery shopping.

    Currently, wonky veg only accounts for between 10 and 15 per cent of sales, despite Morrisons selling 1.6 million bags of carrots in the last three weeks of December.

    This year, farmers harvested more wonky carrots this autumn because of a very wet October and November period. Morrisons hope that the donation can help British farmers sell more of this produce.


    Credit: Morrisons

    The carrots end up wonky due to the wetness of the fields, which can result in muddy or slightly scarred carrots.

    Speaking about this, Alastair Ferguson, carrot farmer for Morrisons, said, “The heavy rainfall this year has made harvesting very challenging.

    “We’ve plenty of standard carrots for Christmas dinner – but also have a lot of wonky carrots. Carrots for Rudolph is helpful because it introduces customers to wonky veg, finds these carrots a home, and stops them being wasted.”

    Of course, they’re only going to be available while stocks last, so make sure you have some back up treats for Rudolph in the fridge, so he doesn’t have to go hungry on his busiest night of the year!

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