Morrisons is giving away FREE hot meals - here's how to get one

Morrisons customers who 'ask for Henry' will get this tasty FREE hot meal

An image of a Morrisons store where shoppers can 'Ask for Henry' and claim a free jacket potato and Heinz baked beans
(Image credit: Future)

Morrisons has teamed up with Heinz to offer shoppers a free hot meal when they 'ask for Henry' at in-store cafes. 

The Morrisons 'Ask for Henry' campaign is an attempt to support customers during the ongoing cost of living crisis which has seen many families struggling to pay council tax (opens in new tab) and other household bills alongside rising energy costs (opens in new tab) and soaring inflation. 

An image of the Morrisons Heinz Ask for Henry campaign poster - shoppers who ask for Henry can get a free hot meal

(Image credit: Morrisons)

Customers who 'ask for Henry' at a Morrisons café counter will be served a hot baked potato topped with Heinz Beanz - completely free of charge.

The Ask for Henry free hot meal offer is running at Morrisons until November 6 and is open to everyone. You don't need to spend any money in the café or in store to qualify.

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According to Heinz, the campaign was launched to support people during the cost of living crisis in honour of Henry J. Heinz who founded the brand and was known for his 'good heart' and 'kind spirit' - and whose birthday was in October. 

A Heinz spokesperson said: 'From a young age, Henry would make food with his mother in their family kitchen, using ingredients picked from their garden, to share with his local community.'

The Ask for Henry offer is running in all 397 Morrisons café across the country and the brand expects to give away more than 160,000 free hot meals during the campaign.

The Morrisons Ask for Henry free hot meal campaign comes after Morrisons gave away free hot cross buns for Easter (opens in new tab) while Tesco increased the price of Tesco meal deals (opens in new tab) from £3 to £3.50.