Morrisons launches vegetable pizza that uses a kale pizza base - but you'll have to be quick!

morrisons kale pizza
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As much as we all love pizza, it’s not something we can fill up on all the time.

And January does come with its healthy living expectations – Veganuary, dry January, cutting back on junk food – so a Two for Tuesday every week may be frowned upon.

But, sometimes you just crave that bite of a crispy, bready base topped with a herby sauce, gooey cheese and of course abundance of toppings.

So usually if you’re ‘trying to be good’, you’ll go for a vegetable pizza – because that’s healthier, right?

Well now, one supermarket is giving you a chance to fill up on even more of your five a day in pizza form. You get to hit your nutrition goals and chomp down on pizza at the same time – is there anything better?

Leading supermarket Morrisons has launched a kale pizza but with a difference.

Rather than being topped with crispy kale, the pizza actually uses the leafy green in its base!

In a UK supermarket first, the pizza base is bulked up with the health-lover’s favourite that’s packed with vitamins like A, K, C and magnesium, to make your usual pie just that little bit more nutritious.

morrisons kale pizza

Credit: Morrisons

The 10-inch kale pizza base is hand-stretched for a soft but crispy texture.

And don’t be put off by its light green appearance, it’s still got classic pizza taste.

You can get your hands on the wacky offering in Morrisons stores across the country.

Just head to their pizza counters where you can nab a one of the leafy pizza bases as part of their ‘create your own’ deal.

You can then look through the counter’s varied pizza toppings and pick up to four delicious choices to add to your pie.

Or if there’s too much to pick from or you’re short on time and just want to grab and go, you can get a pre-made pizza that tops the kale base with grilled courgettes, feta and chargrilled peppers.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to be quick if you want to try it as it will only be available until 24th February.

‘This is still pizza, but not as you know it,’ said Simon Metcalfe, pizza buyer at Morrisons. ‘The kale adds a little bit of greenness, without overpowering the flavour.

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