Mozzarella Dippers are back on the McDonald’s menu and fans are very excited

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  • First they teased us with the release of two new limited-edition burgers – and now McDonald’s are really spoiling us after revealing they have brought back everyone’s favourite Mozzarella Dippers.

    The fast food chain resurrected the gooey mozzarella cheese coated in crunchy breadcrumbs on February 7, and fans have been going crazy over their return ever since.

    One dipper-lover said on Twitter: ‘So @McDonalds sells mozzarella sticks now quick take my money and my summer bod’.

    Another said: ‘I went to the gym but im seeing the ads for the new mcdonalds mozzarella sticks… i am conflicted’.

    While a third excited fan wrote: ‘MOZZARELLA STICKS ARE BACK AT MCDONALDS how did I just find out?’

    And a fourth said: ‘Just woke up from a nap to hear mozzarella sticks are back at mcdonalds, what a day to be alive’.

    If you want to get your hands on the tasty treats you’ll have to be quick as sadly McDonald’s are only keeping them on the menu until March 20.

    But at £1.59 for three dippers and a pot of salsa, you’ll be able to satisfy any cravings you may have until then.

    The return of the cheesy sticks came on the same day as the famous Big Mac turned 50 and McDonald’s released two new versions of the classic.

    Customers will have the chance to order a Mac Jr. or Grand Big Mac with their fries when visiting any of the chain’s many UK restaurants.

    The former is a smaller take of the classic Big Mac, with one all-beef patty instead of two, while the latter is a supersized version of the original.

    Both are served in a soft sesame seed bun with a layer of cheese and both are smothered in special sauce. Shredded lettuce and a sprinkling of sliced pickles and diced onion add crunch to the burgers.

    Like the Mozzarella Dippers, both burgers are only available until March 20.