M&S launches a controversial Marmite Easter treat and shoppers are divided

Love it or hate it?
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  • M&S has launched a controversial Marmite Easter treat that's left shoppers divided.

    M&S has launched Marmite and cheese hot cross buns but it’s left shoppers divided over whether they love or hate it.

    From the supermarket that brought us the chocolate sausage dog Easter egg and a Colin the Caterpillar giant chocolate faces, comes a brand new Easter taste sensation.

    Not just for Easter, these hot cross buns are made with mature Cheddar, Red Leicester, and Marmite, encased in a dough that has been enriched with butter and free-range egg to make it extra soft and fluffy.

    M&S four cheese and marmite hot cross buns

    The brand-new Easter treat will be even tastier with a dab of M&S Creamy Marmite butter too.

    And with the majority of M&S customers loving Marmite – the two brands launched their first foodie hybrids – Creamy Marmite Butter and Marmite Cream Cheese, followed more recently by Marmite Cheese Slices and Mini Marmite Cheesy Crumpets for Christmas.

    And with more than 40k snapped up by M&S shoppers, this new flavour has been unveiled.

    But the four-pack of Cheese Hot Cross Buns & Marmite, RRP £1.65 or two packs for £2.50 is dividing some fans.

    M&s four cheese and marmite hot cross buns

    One fan who couldn’t wait to try it out wrote, OMG the #MarmiteButter is amazing!!! Got the #MarmiteCreamCheese too – big thanks to @Merseysidefew for picking them up for me #LoveItOrHateIt #ILoveIt xxx.’ Another shopper put, ‘This is divine … managed to grab the last Marmite and Cream Cheese at M&S yesterday. Toasted a sesame bagel, thickly spread. Oh my Lordy Lord!’ and a third wrote, ‘Bought some on Sunday gone by Monday night. Lovely on Jacobs crackers.”

    But some foodies aren’t convinced, one wrote, ‘Not quite sure about this one’ a second added, ‘What?! I love the Marmite peanut butter, but Marmite and cream cheese?! That might just be a step too far. If you combined Marmite with Nutella, on the other hand…’ 

    But Vegan fans will sadly have to miss out on this treat as the product contains cow’s milk.