M&S leaves scone lovers divided with this controversial new product

If you've eaten a scone at any point in your life, it's likely you'll have engaged in an age old debate.

Ever since scones with jam and cream made their way into quintessential British culinary culture, cream tea lovers across the nation have been bickering about one thing in particular - what goes on first, the jam or the clotted cream?

While some prefer to prepare their buttery scones in the Devon derived fashion, by slathering on a layer of thick cream and adding the jam on top, others prefer the baked goods done in the Cornish way with jam first then cream.

Now, British food giant M&S has released a product they reckon could end the scone war for good - but it's ruffled a few feathers.

M&S has revealed that they have created a strawberry flavour clotted cream, thereby combining the two key elements that tend to cause some bickering at tea time.

Taking to Twitter, the nationwide supermarket chain wrote, 'What comes first – jam or cream? Now you don’t have to choose thanks to our new strawberry-flavoured clotted cream. It’s a sweet scone game changer – and it’s in store now,' alongside a pretty appealing snap of the innovative new product. 

Naturally, a digital debate quickly began, with many Tweeters having their say.

'This is just wrong,' one wrote, while a second was convinced they were being pranked, saying, 'If this wasn't June I'd be sure it was an April fool. Are you doing this to get attention on Twitter?'

Another seemed to be rather taken with the idea of having cream and jam ready-mixed, typing, 'Strawberry clotted cream sounds absolutely delicious.'

Other eagle-eyed posters spotted that in its attempt to divide the cream and jam despute, it had actually taken a side by displaying the strawberry cream on top of a layer of jam.

One confused respondent said, 'But... you’ve still put the jam on first????'

'You do realise that you have actually put #JamFirst on your scones anyway & then added this bizarre creamberry nonsense, so you have effectively ruined your own point,' laughed another. 

It looks like there's nothing that will stop the timeless scone drama.

Caitlin Elliott
Junior News Editor

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