Nando’s hottest sauce is now available to buy in Tesco

nando’s peri-peri vusa sauce tesco
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There’s no better treat lunch than a trip to Nando’s.

The PERi- PERi restaurant has become so widely loved that a cheeky Nando’s has become nearly as integral to British culture as a milky cuppa.

But when it comes to what you eat at the chicken restaurant, it seems to have become a bit of a status marker.

On the menu you can choose from six different marinades for your chicken to be cooked in, ranging in spice from Plain…(ish) to Extra Hot.

And when you’re eating in the restaurant you can choose a sauce of the same flavour to accompany this or pick from one of their extra options like Wild Herb or Garlic.

And for those who frequent the eatery often, it seems the hotter you choose the cooler you are.

So when Nando’s released their hottest sauce, the PERi- PERi Vusa that promises ‘intense flavour’ and ‘intense heat’, customers couldn’t help but challenge themselves to go for the sauce that Nando’s says will ‘blow your socks off’.

But unfortunately, those who were treating themselves to a takeaway weren’t able to join in the fun, as it was only available in branch.

Well now, we can all add a bit to our lives as the eye-wateringly hot PERi- PERi Vusa is now available in your local supermarket.

Leading grocer Tesco is now selling the spicy dressing, which is made with a combination of African Bird’s Eye Chilli, lemon and garlic, so that you can most definitely try this challenge at home.

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Fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement, writing: ‘finallllly’, ‘@NandosUK thank the chicken gods, iv been waiting for so long’, ‘This is the best news I’ve had so far this year’, ‘Literally the best thing ever’, ‘Love the Vusa sauce’, ‘Amazing. My favourite’, ‘Flavour and heat - it’s a good one!’ and ‘Va Va Vusa’.

You can get the sauce on the Tesco website and in stores across the country for only £2.

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