This genius hack for ripening a hard avocado in just 10 minutes will blow your mind

Avocado preparation
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A mum has shared her homemade hack to ripen an avocado in just 10 minutes and it's genius.

There's nothing worse than starting to prepare dinner to find that the avocado you were about to smash is as solid as a rock.

But one mum has just the trick to help speed up the ripening process by popping the fruit into her air fryer - and the results are remarkable.

So much so that after sharing the timesaving tip to the Air Fryer Recipes Australia Facebook page it's gone viral.

Judging when an avocado is ripe enough to cut open and eat or has gone completely off, can be a game of pot luck but this new hack is a sure fast remedy to get ready to eat avocados from the off.

She wrote, 'Air fryers, is there anything they can’t do?! Tonight we had tacos for dinner and I couldn’t find a ripe avo for the guacamole (typical!).

"I'd heard you can ripen them in the oven so I googled it and did it in the air fryer instead."

She went on to explain that while the fruit she used wasn't "super hard", it wasn't soft enough to mash so she started to wrap the fruit in tin foil before placing it in an air fryer.

She set the temperature to 200 degrees and started the timer for 10 minutes, saying it was perfect by the time it came out. And added, 'I’d recommend that you let it cool in the fridge before using, but it works! I'd always rather a normal ripe avocado, but this works in a pinch.'

In the past, people have recommended placing avocados in the oven at a low temperature, putting them in a paper bag, or placing them next to bananas in the fruit bowl or keeping them in sunlight if they are rock hard and not ready to eat, but this is a quicker way around the problem.

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And the mum answered questions from baffled users to confirm the inside of the avocado had remained a "normal green colour" and didn't turn brown after going through the air fryer.

So next time you're having a Mexican night in, and want some homemade guacamole or avocado mousse, stick it in the air fryer first.

These users plan to try it out, one said, 'We had the exact same situation happen! Thank you so much for this.'

And another wrote, 'I'm going to keep this trick up my sleeve!'

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