Save Money Good Food reveal the best (and cheapest!) prosecco on supermarket shelves

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    ‘s latest episode dedicated some time to answer a question we have a lot of time for – where can you buy the cheapest and tastiest prosecco?

    When it comes to cheap alcohol, we’re willing to listen to the experts about the best shops to try – and when prosecco is involved, we’re all ears! In the fourth episode of the series, Susanna Reid set up shop at Greenwich market, in London, and asked passers-by to help her with a prosecco blind taste test.

    The volunteer testers had three different brands of prosecco on offer from different supermarkets – Aldi, Lidl and Tesco.

    Image: ITV

    First up was Aldi’s offering, which got mixed reviews. While one tester considered it to be ‘dry’, others said it was ‘really nice’ and ‘fruity’. So a bit of a mixed bag, depending on what you’re looking for from your glass of fizz.

    Image: ITV

    Lidl’s was next, which was considered to be ‘tangy’ and ‘smoother’ than the others. The ‘tangy’ comments we’re not sure of but ‘smooth’ we can definitely get on board with.

    Image: ITV

    The last one to be sampled by testers was Tesco’s, which was described as being ‘a lot smoother’ than the other two options, and ‘not very fruity’.

    Aldi’s and Lidl’s prosecco cost exactly the same price – £5.79 – while Tesco’s is 6p more expensive – £5.85.

    The best cheap prosecco: The verdict

    After tasting all three, the majority of volunteers picked Tesco’s as their favourite bargain bubbles.

    When told where the prosecco they tried was from and how little it cost, testers were pleasantly surprised.

    Image: ITV

    One tester who picked Tesco’s as her favourite and confessed to usually spending around £10 on a bottle of prosecco said: ‘Proved my ideas of pricing very very wrong.’

    Susanna and Matt Tebbutt have been helping people cut their food expenses with cheap and easy recipes and money saving tips on their show, Save Money Good Food.

    Prosecco has taken the UK by storm it currently outsells champagne by 25%. It’s made its way into our foods (hello prosecco pancakes!), tea and even bath products, so no wonder we want to find the cheapest and tastiest option to satisfy all our bubbly cravings!

    What’s your favourite bargain prosecco? Let us know in the comments!

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