Viral TikTok hack proves we’ve actually been opening tin cans wrong all along

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  • A TikTok video proving we've been opening tin cans wrong all along has gone viral.

    Since the rise of TikTok, a clever hack or tip has emerged for practically everything. From a McDonald’s hack to get fresh fries every time, to the mouthwash fail you had no idea about.

    And it seems we’re set for another mind-blowing revelation, as a TikTok user has revealed that we’ve actually been opening our tins and cans wrong for years.

    The clip, shared by user Alan Wood, demonstrates that you can gently take the tab off any tin with your finger instead than snapping it off.

    After the can’s seal has been broken, just twist the tab in the opposite direction of its normal position.

    “I was today years old when I realised I’ve been opening cans wrong this whole time,” a caption on the footage says.

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    But, since the can lids can be extremely sharp, you need to be cautious when opening them.

    Cans of Heinz baked beans in store.

    Some users, like us, were blown away by the trick, as one commenter said, ” I can finally stop struggling opening cans.”

    Another joked, ” I wonder if this works with a coke can,” followed by some confused emoji’s.

    However, not everyone was impressed as some commenters pointed out it’s not a speedier way to do things.

    “It’s literally facing the same way and you still have to twist the can it’s more work this way.”

    While another added, “You are just putting an extra unneeded step in the process. What’s the point?”

    We think this trick is one to try out for yourself!

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