Warning issued over TikTok frozen egg hack could give kids food poisoning

tiktok frozen egg hack
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A viral TikTok hack for creating mini fried eggs for kids has faced backlash, with experts and worried parents warning it could put little ones at risk of food poisoning.

Viral food trends can be a fun way to spice things up in the kitchen, with the TikTok feta pasta (opens in new tab) recipe blowing the minds of internet users last month and the genius TikTok tortilla wrap hack (opens in new tab) changing the snack game.

But clever online inventions don't always go down too well.

A viral hack for creating cute mini fried eggs for kids is facing criticism, with many people warning that it could make little ones poorly with food poisoning.

The clip posted earlier this month showed TikTok star Alex Bewicke freezing eggs overnight and then removing the shell the next morning.

The video shows Alex slicing the frozen raw egg into bite-size pieces and frying it for her daughter's breakfast.

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Explaining the trick, she added, "You put it into the frying pan and it creates really cool mini eggs. My toddler absolutely loves it and I hope your kids do too."

While the video has gained over one million likes and loads of praise from impressed TikTok users, worried viewers have warned that the kitchen trick could be harmful.


Another worried viewer added, 'Yes the CDC actually says that freezing eggs can introduce other bacteria ( aside from salmonella). If you freeze it, the egg will expand and crack the shell,' adding, 'Bacteria can enter the egg from the crack.'

'I'm sure that's not safe,' a third continued, penning, 'Freezing and putting on direct heat? It's probably doesn't even reach the right temp for safety.'

The experts at British Lions Eggs have also shared advice on freezing eggs on their website, insisting it's not advisable.

'Each egg needs to be cracked out of its shell. The egg white and yolk will expand when frozen so if left intact this could damage or break the shell,' the statement reads.

'Only freeze eggs which are fresh and in date. Frozen eggs in any form need to be fully thawed to be used and can only be eaten in thoroughly cooked dishes. Never cook eggs directly from frozen.'