Inside the Tiktok tortilla wrap hack that's gone viral - it's a lunch game changer

The TikTok tortilla wrap hack will change the way you make your lunch forever

Tortilla wrap
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A TikTok tortilla wrap hack has gone viral and it's so good that it will change the way you make your lunch.

A TikTok tortilla wrap (opens in new tab) hack has gone viral and it's so good that it will completely change the way you make your lunch (opens in new tab).

When it comes to making a wrap, many of us choose to roll it up like we're making a swiss roll or fold the bottom up before tucking in the sides without losing any of the fillings - only to forget that we've forgotten to drizzle in the dressing or add enough cheese (opens in new tab). Fail.

But fail no more as this new wrap hack is foolproof - that you can't forget to miss out on an ingredient or step and makes a totally drool-worthy treat when you toast it too!

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And it's all thanks to one simple slice with a knife and you will never think of wrapping up a tortilla wrap the same way again.

Here are the 5 simple steps to making a new Tiktok viral wrap:

  1. Using a sharp knife and cut a straight line from the centre of the tortilla to the edge. (Note: pita bread or chapati would work as well.)
  2. Place an even amount of toppings separately into each quarter of the tortilla.
  3. Starting with the bottom left quarter and carefully fold the tortilla over the top of the top left quarter.
  4. Fold that over to the top right, followed by the bottom right.
  5. Brush with butter or mayonnaise and cook in a hot pan until golden brown on both sides, approximately three to four minutes per side.

One sure way of guaranteeing you have all you need inside your wrap is to place your main flavour/ingredient on the bottom left quarter, then put your dressing/sauce on the top left quarter, followed by some healthy salad or veggies on the top right and finish off with some grated cheese on the bottom right.

With all quarters containing an ingredient, there's not a chance of missing something out and having to start your wrap from scratch.

And fans can't get enough of it. One wrote, 'so brilliant', another put, 'must try this' and a third added, 'This is genius I can’t wait to try.'

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And there are no hard-fast rules over fillings - so experiment away and challenge your friends to make the most scrumptious looking wrap. Chances are once you've got the hang of this new viral hack, you won't want to ever go back.