Why has Tesco stopped selling Heinz? The reason beans and ketchup are missing from some stores

You might be noticing bare shelves where your favourite baked beans and ketchup once were...But why has Tesco stopped selling Heinz?

Why has Tesco stopped selling Heinz
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A pricing dispute between Tesco and Heinz means that you might struggle to get your hands on the likes of the brand's iconic ketchup and beans during your supermarket trips right now. 

It was revealed earlier this week that Kraft, the food giant behind the Heinz brand, had tried to introduce price increases on some of its most popular Heinz products, in light of rising production costs. 

However, Tesco announced that they were pushing back on the Heinz cost increase to support customers as food prices rise, sparking a price row between the retailer and the household grocery name. 

Why has Tesco stopped selling Heinz?

Heinz products such as beans, ketchup, salad cream and more are missing from some Tesco shelves after the supermarket shared that it would be pausing supplies of the brand following a price increase. 

In a statement, Tesco confirmed that the increase of Heinz products would not be "passed on" to shoppers, in order to support households across the nation dealing with rising energy prices and increases in the cost of living. 

"With household budgets under increasing pressure, now more than ever we have a responsibility to ensure customers get the best possible value, and we will not pass on unjustifiable price increases to our customers," Tesco said. 

Why has Tesco stopped selling Heinz

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"We’re sorry that this means some products aren’t available right now, but we have plenty of alternatives to choose from and we hope to have this issue resolved soon.

"We’re laser-focused on keeping the cost of the weekly shop in check, offering customers great value through our combination of Aldi Price Match, Low Everyday Prices and Clubcard Prices," Tesco added. 

Defending the price hikes, Heinz a issued a statement, with a Kraft spokesperson explaining, "We are working closely with Tesco to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

"In today’s challenging economic environment – with commodity and production costs rising – many consumers are working within tight budgets.

"We always look at how we can provide value through price, size and packs so consumers can enjoy the products they love and trust at a price point that works within their budgets, without compromising on quality."

How much are Heinz prices rising by?

While Tesco has pulled the supply of Heinz from its stores, the increase in the cost of Heinz products can be seen on the price tags of beans, ketchup, soup and more at other supermarkets. 

According to food trade magazine The Grocer, prices of Heinz products have rocketed recently, with a tin of Heinz beans surging to £1.20 at most major supermarkets. 

Meanwhile, a four pack of 400g Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup tins will now set you back £3.50 at Sainsbury's, up from its previous price of £2.50. 

A 910g bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup is now priced at £3.50 at the majority of retailers, while Morrisons is offering a price tag of £3.49 for the sauce. 

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