15 surprising ways to spend your Tesco Clubcard vouchers - from theme parks, cinema passes and homeschooling

Tesco Clubcard vouchers can help you cut the cost of everything - from days out to cinema tickets

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There are lots of ways to save money with Tesco Clubcard vouchers. They can help you cut the cost of everything from theme parks to cinema tickets. Aside from using them to get money off your shopping at Tesco, here’s how to get even more value from your Clubcard vouchers.

If you’re a Clubcard member, you’ll know that you can collect Clubcard points (opens in new tab) in lots of different ways - including when you shop online and in-store at Tesco. But once you’ve collected enough points to earn Clubcard (opens in new tab) vouchers, there are lots of other things you can spend them on - besides groceries.  Clubcard members earn one Clubcard point for every £1 they spend at Tesco. And when you’ve collected 150 points you can claim a £1.50 Clubcard voucher off your shopping, making each point worth 1p.

However, if you choose to save money with Tesco Clubcard vouchers via a Tesco Reward Partner instead of at Tesco, then your points will be worth up to three times more. In other words, you can get more value from your Clubcard points by spending your vouchers at a wide range of other places besides Tesco. 

1. Save money on your groceries

You get more value from your Clubcard vouchers if you choose to spend them with a Tesco Reward Partner rather than in-store or online at Tesco. But if you don’t really need or fancy any of the offers available from Tesco’s Reward Partners (opens in new tab), then saving a few quid on your grocery shopping is the best way to use your Clubcard vouchers. If you'd rather get money off your bill when you shop online or in-store at Tesco, simply save up your Clubcard vouchers and enter the code online or show them at the till when you checkout.

2. Get money off F+F clothing

Save some cash and put your Clubcard vouchers towards clothing or shoes for the kids - or for you - at F+F. Tesco’s clothing range is of great quality and excellent value so it’s well worth saving up your Clubcard vouchers and putting them towards some items for next season’s wardrobe. And when the time comes for school uniform shopping, Clubcard vouchers come in especially handy at F+F.

We also have it on good authority that Tesco will be exclusively offering Tesco Clubcard holders 25 percent off all F&F clothing, footwear and accessories from this Thursday (10th March 2022) until Sunday (13th March 2022).

3. Cut your fuel costs

You can use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to save money on fuel when you fill up at any Tesco filling station. You can also use the vouchers at any Esso petrol station with a Tesco Express on site. So if you have a £5 Clubcard voucher, you could use it to get a fiver off your fuel bill. That’s good news, given the rising cost of living (opens in new tab) and the concerns we all share about how to save money on fuel (opens in new tab).

4. Get Disney+

Did you know you can exchange your Tesco Clubcard vouchers for a Disney + subscription? And because Clubcard vouchers are worth three times more when you spend them with a Reward Partner instead of at Tesco, a Clubcard voucher worth £8 is actually worth £24.00 - and that amounts to a three-month Disney+ subscription. Bargain!

5. Visit English Heritage

An English Heritage membership grants you unlimited access to more than 400 historic places - as well as free or reduced entry to seasonal events. And for every 50p you have in Clubcard vouchers, you can claim £1.50 off the cost of an English Heritage membership. Individual Adult Membership costs £64.00 and includes free entry for up to six accompanying children under 18 within the family group. Visit the English Heritage Membership website (opens in new tab) for more information on using your Clubcard vouchers.

6. Book a mini-break

Everyone loves a mini-break but hotels can be expensive. So why not save your Clubcard vouchers and put them towards a fun-filled family getaway? If you save up to £33 in Clubcard vouchers, you can exchange them for £99 off a booking with Cottages.com. 

You can also get triple the value of your Clubcard points when you trade them for a booking with selected hotels, including Best Western, Novotel, and Warner Leisure, where every £5 you collect in Clubcard vouchers counts as £15 off your booking. Check out the Clubcard website (opens in new tab) to find out more.

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7. Get RAC breakdown cover

Why not use your Clubcard points to save some money on something pricey but practical? The RAC offers breakdown cover for Tesco Clubcard members and you’ll get 3x the value of your vouchers off the cost of breakdown cover. You can choose from three levels of cover - Standard, Advanced or Ultimate - and each includes roadside rescue wherever you break down. 

If you don’t have enough vouchers to cover the full cost of the cover you wish to buy, you can top up using a debit or credit card. Returning Clubcard customers get the same prices as new Tesco Clubcard members, too.

8. Take the family to a theme park 

From Alton Towers to the Eden Project, you can exchange your Clubcard vouchers for Reward Partner codes to get money off adult and child general admission tickets for a range of fun family days out and experience days.

Participating theme parks include Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, LEGOLAND Windsor, and Drayton Manor. You can also use Clubcard vouchers for a wide range of days out. Fancy checking out the view from The Shard, taking a London Open Top Bus Tour, or visiting the London Eye? Or how about a trip to London Zoo or a day out at Madame Tussauds in London or Blackpool?

There are so many trips and experience days on offer - you're spoiled for choice.

9. Save a Cineworld or Picturehouse

Your Clubcard vouchers are worth three times more than the value of your Clubcard vouchers when you use them to pay in part or in full at Cineworld or Picturehouse cinemas. So for every 50p you earn in vouchers, you’ll get £1.50 off at these venues. You can also use your vouchers to purchase snacks or refreshments as well as cinema tickets.

Or what about treating yourself to a Cineworld Unlimited Pass? It’s worth £30 but you’ll only need £10 worth of Clubcard vouchers to make it yours. Not only does that allow you to see as many films as you want each month - as well as free upgrades and advance screenings - but the card also gives you a 10% discount on cinema snacks, as well as 25% off selected restaurants, including Cafe Rouge, Bella Italia, and Las Iguanas.

10. Take the family out to eat

Give yourself the night off and use your Clubcard vouchers and take the family out for tea. For every 50p you earn in vouchers, you'll have £1.50 to use at the following restaurants:

Pizza ExpressBella ItaliaCafe RougePrezzoZizziASK ItalianHungry Horse pubsChef & Brewer

11. Save money on train travel and Virgin flights 

Now that the world is opening up again, we’re all thinking about booking holidays and planning some adventures. But before you book, factor in that you can use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to get money off flights and transport - including Eurotunnel and Railcard tickets.

With Virgin Atlantic, for example, you can turn every Clubcard point into 2.5 Virgin Points. That means £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers will bag you 625 Virgin Points. You need to be a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club (opens in new tab) member to participate, but it's quick and easy to create an account.

12. Cut the cost of toy shopping

Whether you’re shopping early for the year’s top Christmas toys (opens in new tab) or gathering bits and pieces for a child’s birthday, putting your Clubcard vouchers towards toys from Tesco is a great way to save some money on items you’ll definitely be buying but which soon add up.

13. Pay less for your mobile phone

If you’re a Tesco Mobile customer, you can double up your Clubcard vouchers to cut the cost of your monthly phone bill. Or you could use your vouchers to knock money off the upfront cost of a new pay monthly phone or SIM contract. 

If you opt to spend your Clubcard vouchers at Tesco Mobile, you’ll get double the value of your points. That means if you saved 500 Clubcard points per month, you’d get £5 in Clubcard vouchers but you could swap it for £10 off your Tesco Mobile phone bill. And on it goes - 600 Clubcard points amounts to £6 in Clubcard vouchers or £12 off a Tesco Mobile phone bill.

In addition, if you link your Tesco Mobile phone to your Clubcard you’ll earn a Clubcard point for every pound you spend on your phone bill.

It’s easy to convert your Clubcard vouchers into Tesco Mobile partner vouchers - you can do it in the Clubcard app or on the website.

14. Treat yourself - or someone special 

Tesco will also triple the value of your Clubcard points when you spend them onTesco gifts (opens in new tab) from selected Reward Partners. So whether you’re looking for a special gift for Mother’s Day (opens in new tab), shopping for an important birthday present or just want to treat someone special, you can cut the cost by using your Clubcard vouchers to pay.

15. Book a tutor 

Home-learning during Lockdown impacted kids in so many ways and not everyone can afford tuition to fill in the gaps. But now you can exchange your Clubcard vouchers at three times their value and put them towards English and Maths tuition. A subscription to either KS2 (Year 5-6) or GCSE (Year 9-11) material starts from £8.99 per month.

Finally, if you've just remembered that you're a Clubcard member but don't know what you've done with your vouchers,  remember that you can reclaim up to two years' worth of lost Tesco Clubcard vouchers (opens in new tab).

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