Wilko is selling half price pick & mix, but you'll have to be quick!

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Wilko is selling half price pick & mix, and we couldn't think of a better Easter holiday treat…

If you’ve got a house full of sweet toothed mouths to feed, and they just can’t wait until Sunday to open their Easter eggs, we’ve got some news that’ll be music to everybody’s ears.

That’s right, Wilko's famously popular Pick & Mix promo is back. The budget-friendly store has knocked £1 off all its Pick & Mix cups for a limited time - you’ve only got until 22nd April (Easter Monday) so you’ll have to be quick.

A few Wilko customers have pointed out that this offer doesn't seem to be quite as good as the brand’s usual half price deal. A regular Pick & Mix cup usually costs £2, so the £1 saving makes this one half price anyway. But medium cups are usually £3, meaning the saving only cuts the cost of these by a third, and extra-large sharing cups are usually £4 each, meaning you’ll save just 25 per cent with the reduction.

But don’t worry - savvy shoppers can still get twice as many fizzy cola bottles for their usual buck. As one clever Hot UK Deals user has pointed out, you can basically get an extra-large cup for half price by buying two regular cups instead.


‘Just a heads up for anyone,’ they wrote on the Hot UK Deals site. ‘Two regular cups hold the same amount as 1 share cup. So… one share cup = £3. Two regular cups (2 x £1) = £2. So if you want to get a share cup, get two regulars instead.’

The deal was also shared on the Hot UK Deals Facebook page, where it generated a lot of excitement from fans. 'Erm get me one,’ said one Facebook user. ‘I know where I’m going on Sunday,’ another replied.

One joker sounded a note of caution, saying: ‘Just remember prices for filling dental cavities went up this April. It’s £69.30 now at my practice.’ Consider yourselves duly warned.

The offer is available in store only and doesn't apply to weighed bags.

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